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Press Releases - May 19, 2005

Rollei Announces Camera, Software and Lens Bundle to Give Professional Photographers Everything in One Medium Format

New 6008 AF "Bundle" Includes Single-Lens Reflex Camera in 6x6 Medium Format, Digital Back, Editing Software, and Top-of-The-Line Lens

STROUDSBURG, PA (May 19, 2005) – Rollei, manufacturer of the classic twin-lens 6x6 Rolleiflex, today announced the availability of the 6008 AF "Bundle," which will be the top-of-the-line offering in a family of products Rollei is rolling out in the U.S.

The bundle includes the Rollei 6008 AF camera, the world’s first auto focus single lens reflex camera in a 6 x 6 medium format; C1 Pro software for precise workflow that supports all phases of image editing and intuitive operation; and the PhaseOne db20p digital back, which gives photographers film and digital picture taking capability in one package. The interchangeable film packs allow a photographer to shoot film, Polaroid-type shots as well as digital shots.

The db20p has resolution of 16 mega pixels, 16 bits per RGB or CMYK color, and offers the option of saving RAW files in addition to TIFF and JPEG files. The unit handles studio or location shoots with ease, thanks to high performance rechargeable batteries that provide 250 shots (four working hours) and 45 frames per minute without AC power. The data is stored in the IIQ RAW format on CompactFlash cards. Processed images can be stored in the form of IIQ RAW, TIFF-RGB, TIFF-CMYK or JPEG files. File sizes are between 48 MB and 128 MB. ICC profiles can be embedded for optimum color management.

The 6008 AF is targeted to studio and on-location professionals -- from portrait, fashion and landscape photographers, to photojournalists, and corporate/ government photographers involved in "workflow" photography. Pricing is expected to be in the ,999 range.

Rollei’s new bundle, which includes lenses from Schneider-Kreuznach and Carl Zeiss, retains full compatibility with the Rollei 6000 system. This makes it compatible with more than 20 current 6000 system lenses. Three new AF lenses have been developed for the auto focus modes of the 6008 AF.

With the auto focus technology, all the camera's main functions – such as focusing, exposure and flash control -- can be carried out fully automatically or controlled manually. It's also possible to individually program the camera's functions via a PC or Mac computer’s Firewire port, which allows you to program virtually everything in the camera and operate it by remote control.

Rollei is famous for its square view finder. The 6008 AF continues that tradition, but features a newly developed illuminated LC control centre in the finder that provides photographers with all the camera data they need.

The new auto focus system features TTL exposure metering and high-focusing precision with image sharpness never before seen in 6 x 6 medium-format photography.

The 6008 AF also features a new TTL flash-control system. The TTL sensor is integrated into the camera and measures the amount of flash light reaching the film – parallax-free and at the exact viewing angle. All available shutter speeds are flash-synchronized, which give pros a considerable advantage when working in daylight and or for filling in shadows and strong subject contrasts

The Rollei 6008 AF weighs 1500 grams and is 143 x 139 x 124 mm without lens.

The new bundle represents Rollei’s integration strategy for its product family, This means that photographers can benefit from new developments without having to outsource for lenses and accessories. This integration not only saves photographers valuable time in selecting and ordering products, but it also prevents product obsolescence.

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