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Press Release - March 2, 2003

World's 1st 2MP DSC & MPEG-4 Tapeless Digital Camcorder with 30fps TV Quality

Pretec DV-4200, photo (c) 2003 by Steve's Digicams
Pretec DV-4200 at PMA 2003 - photo (c) 2003 Steve's Digicams

Click to download DV-4200 sales brochure (7.3MB pdf)

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 2, 2003--Pretec Electronics Corp. (LVCC Booth #K100), the leading digital imaging and memory card provider, announces the launch of DV-4200, a revolutionary MPEG-4 digital camcorder with 2.1 mega pixel digital still camera here at PMA International 2003, Booth #K100. DV-4200 will also be demonstrated at CeBIT Pretec booth (Hall 23 Booth A33) held from March 12-March 19, in Hannover, Germany.

DV-4200 is a tapeless digital camcorder capable of storing up to 3 hours of video, at VHS quality or better, with a 512MB flash memory card and can also function as a digital still camera. Using high compression ratio MPEG-4 technology with patented techniques of Advanced Simple Profile including quarter-pel motion estimation, DV-4200 is the first and only product in the world to reach 30 frames per second real-time using MPEG-4 encoding/decoding, hence delivering a superb digital video quality to existing TV system.

The MPEG-4 compression file can also make every Windows-based computer an Audio/Video player for DV-4200 by using MPEG-4 decoding software. Still image pictures can be taken at native resolution of 2.1 mega pixels, making DV-4200 one of the highest resolution still image and best picture quality camcorders among all of the digital camcorders available in the market today.

Pretec DV-4200, photo (c) 2003 by Steve's Digicams
Pretec DV-4200 at PMA 2003 - photo (c) 2003 Steve's Digicams

Weighing less than one pound with dimensions of 4.5x3x2 inches, DV-4200 is smaller than most DV camcorders today. Compared with other MPEG-4 digital camcorders on the market today, with 10-15fps (200lux low light sensitivity), VGA still image picture and mono AAC audio, DV-4200 is much superior and practical for every office or family use, offering 30fps (30lux low light sensitivity), 2.1MP still image picture, and AAC audio. With optional AV-in feature selected, users can transfer all their favorite movies or recordings from different medias (VHS tape, VCD, DVD, etc.) to MPEG-4 files, stored on flash memory card, hard disk or CD. Retail pricing is expected to be less than , available throughout the world, starting from Q2 2003.

Because of the adoption of MPEG-4, flash memory card and USB technologies, DV-4200 is not only a consumer electronics device, but also a PC peripheral due to its easy connection and interface with a PC. Since there are no mechanical moving parts, MPEG-4 digital camcorder can be more compact (to the size of a cigarette pack), less expensive, easier to use, and less prone to mechanical failures. Pretec will offer higher resolution DSC and MPEG-4 digital camcorder up to DVD and HDTV quality by early 2004, better than existing DVs, with much smaller file size in MPEG-4 format.

About Pretec

Pretec Electronics Corp. ( is a pioneer of flash memory card and digital imaging products since 1993. CompactI/O(TM) card, invented by Pretec in 1997, takes the expansion of IA devices (DSC, PDA, etc.) beyond storage and extend to communication and multimedia. After years of providing volume digital cameras and services to major OEM partners, Pretec launched the world's 1st "Personal Digital Appliance" DC-530, a multifunction DSC, USB PC Camera, MP3 Player and Voice Recorder in 1999 ( The tapeless MPEG-4 digital camcorder from Pretec in 2003 is another revolutionary product in the industry; with Pretec 6GB CF card, the highest capacity flash memory card in the world, MPEG-4 digital camcorder can store up to 30 hours of movie with VHS TV quality at 30fps.

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