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Press Release - September 3, 2003

Just Add Water To Enjoy Pentax Optio 33WR Digital Camera

Pentax Optio 33WR

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado (September 3, 2003)…Just add water. That's the best way to enjoy the latest digital camera from PENTAX U.S.A., Inc. The Optio 33WR is a robust and durable 3.2 megapixel, 2.8X zoom lens digital camera. With a JIS Class 7 water resistance rating, the Optio 33WR remains watertight even when the camera is rinsed, splashed or submersed in water.* The Optio 33WR is the perfect companion for outdoor photography in rain, snow or a day at the beach.

*The Optio 33WR should not be operated underwater.

PENTAX U.S.A., Inc. will preview the digital camera submersed in a fish bowl at the Digital Focus media event on Monday, September 15 at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City during the PC EXPO trade show.

Photographers never will have to sacrifice size or features for the water resistant capability of the Optio 33WR. The compact digital camera measures 3.2 x 3.0 x 1.2 inches and weighs 7.3 ounces. It hosts a variety of impressive features also found on other PENTAX Optio digital products including: movie mode with sound and voice memo, built-in flash, a high-precision 1.6 inch LCD monitor, an optical viewfinder, and a diverse range of shooting modes including program, landscape, night scene, night scene portrait, surf and snow, portrait, sunset, flower, fireworks, snap (automatic pan) and macro modes. The Optio 33WR operates with an SD memory card or MultiMediaCard (MMC) and power sources include two AA alkaline batteries or optional CR-V3 lithium batteries and AC adapter.

The Optio 33WR, along with all PENTAX Optio digital cameras, includes the latest version of ACDSee™ 5.0 software. With a value, ACDSee™ digital camera software makes it easy to retrieve, view, manage, print, enhance and share your digital photos. The Optio 33WR will ship along with the software to major camera retailers around the end of October in plenty of time for the Holiday 2003 buying season.

The Optio 33WR will retail for with an estimated street price of .95 USD.

PENTAX U.S.A., Inc. is an innovative leader in the production of digital and film cameras, binoculars, lenses, mobile printers, scanners and internet cameras. For more than 80 years, PENTAX technology has developed durable, reliable products that meet the needs of consumers and businesses. PENTAX U.S.A., INC. is a wholly owned subsidiary of PENTAX CORPORATION.

Pentax Optio 33WR


A powerful, water resistant zoom lens

With a 2.8X zoom lens (equivalent to a 37-104mm lens in 35mm format) the Optio 33WR is designed for maximum protection against water. The lens operates within a full range without protruding from the body of the camera. Combined with a 4X digital zoom, the Optio 33WR offers a total zooming capacity of an impressive 11.2X.

3.2 effective megapixels

Robust and versatile, the Optio 33WR offers the imaging power of 3.2 effective megapixels for a high level of clarity and detail.

Easy operation

Designed for easy operation, the Optio 33WR features a stand alone button that shifts simply from shooting mode to image display and back again.

A diverse range of shooting modes

The Optio 33WR offers a broad range of shooting modes for a variety of situations.

  • Program mode Program mode automatically selects the most appropriate shutter speed and aperture when there's little time to prepare for a shot.

  • Landscape mode Landscape mode helps emphasize the different shades of land and sky in expansive scenes.

  • Night scene mode Night scene mode is designed to produce dramatic results with nighttime illumination.

  • Night scene portrait mode Night scene portrait mode lets you capture detail in low light by adding a small burst of flash in the foreground.

  • Surf & snow mode Surf & Snow mode overcomes high-level reflection problems related to snow and water for optimal exposure.

  • Portrait mode Portrait mode captures natural looking skin tones for more flattering results.

  • Sunset mode Sunset mode captures the range of tones at sunrise or the end of the day.

  • Flower mode Flower mode switches the lens to a macro setting automatically to capture bright colors and flower details.

  • Fireworks mode This mode makes it easy to shoot firework displays with exceptional results.

  • Snap mode With the Optio 33WR, there's absolutely no need to miss a photo opportunity. Simply select Snap mode and capture your subject in an instant with automatic pan focusing.

  • Movie* Record movie clips to the full capacity of your chosen memory media, with a choice of full color, sepia, or black and white shooting. Movie mode also allows the user to choose resolution (320 x 240 or 160 x 120 recording pixels) and all files are stored in MOV format for easy playback on your PC.

    *System requirements: PCs running Windows 98, 98SE, 2000, Me, or XP operating systems with QuickTimeTM 6.0 installed (included on the accompanying CD-ROM). PCs running Windows 98 and 98SE require installation of the exclusive driver. Macintosh machines running OS9.0 or higher with QuickTime 6.0 or higher installed.

  • Panorama assist mode For expansive scenes, panorama assist allows multiple shots either horizontally or vertically that may be aligned and combined on a PC using the simple-to-use software* provided. * ACDSee Photostitcher is compatible with Windows systems only.

    Digital filter effect

    The digital filters of the Optio 33WR offer an advantage over conventional ones in that they can be applied after the shot has been recorded. There's also 10 different types to choose from - B&W, sepia, red, pink, purple, blue, green, yellow, soft, and brightness.

    Built-in flash

    Firing automatically in low-light and backlit conditions, the built-in flash of the Optio 33WR lets you shoot in confidence even after the sun's gone down. And for greater control, it also features Flash-on and Flash-off modes, as well as a red eye reduction function* that heightens the quality of portraits taken a night. *This feature does not eliminate "red eyes" in all instances.

    High-precision LCD monitor

    The 1.6-inch low-temperature, poly-silicone TFT LCD monitor delivers high-quality, clear images of potential subjects, and is also ideal for inspecting shots already recorded.

    Optical viewfinder

    A viewfinder offering actual image zoom allows you to conserve power by switching off the LCD monitor.

    Nine image/zoom display

    To speed the search for recorded shots, the LCD monitor of the Optio 33WR has the ability to show nine recorded images all at once. What's more, each image can also be magnified by 8X to allow closer checking for focus and detail.

    Macro mode

    Macro mode allows photos to be composed from as close as 0.03ft from the subject at a wide-angle setting, while zoom capability of up to 4X magnification means even the smallest of objects can fill an entire frame.

    White balance modes

    To ensure the appropriate white balance in different situations, the Optio 33WR offers auto, daylight, shade, tungsten, and fluorescent light settings. It also has a manual setting that allows you to make the decision yourself or experiment to achieve different results.

    Metering options

    Three different choices for metering assist accurate exposure in an array of different circumstances. Simply select from Multi-segment metering, Center-weighted metering, and Spot metering.

    Sensitivity settings

    Light sensitivity is easy to adjust, with a selection equivalent to ISO50, 100, 200, and 400, as well as an auto setting. ISO50 ensures images with minimized noise.

    Exposure compensation

    Exposure compensation across a range of ±2EV in steps of 1/3EV allows users to exercise their creativity - underexposing to add a sense of mood, or overexposing for special effect.

    Settings for sharpness, saturation, and contrast

    With three grades of settings for sharpness, saturation, and contrast, the Optio 33WR gives you an exceptional amount of control over each and every photo.

    Interval shooting

    Just select the time to start shooting, the duration of the interval between shots, and the number of frames - then leave the Optio 33WR to operate by itself.

    4-in-1 consecutive shooting

    With just a single press of the shutter release, this mode takes four consecutive shots of your subject, yet records them as one frame - capturing all the action in just one image.

    Convenient self-timer

    A handy self-timer allows users to join group shots or minimize camera shake when taking pictures in low light.

    Continuous shooting

    Continuous shots can be taken with an extended press of the shutter. This allows fast-occurring processes to be captured in a much more expressive manner.

    Manual focus

    Though the Optio 33WR features options for autofocus, it also allows manual focusing. This allows users to deal with more tricky situations and empowers them to attempt shots that are a little more creative.

    Convenient autofocus

    A choice of two kinds of autofocus provides the user with even greater control over the impact of the shot. 5-point autofocus allows the user to achieve a shot with clarity that extends throughout the frame, while Spot AF allows a single part of a subject to be given prime emphasis.

    Resize function

    When the selected memory media becomes full, more space can be freed up without the need to delete a single shot. Selection of the resize function allows the data size of recorded shots to be reduced, and is also handy when you need to make an image lighter for sending as an e-mail attachment.


    The useful Trimming function allows images to be cropped and parts to be selected for storage on their own as individual files.

    Voice memo mode

    Sound can be attached to recorded images or movies, allowing situations to be captured in a much more memorable manner.

    Voice message mode

    It's easy to attach a short sound message to an image or movie. Such recordings are then indicated by a flashing speaker button, which can be pressed to play them back with in synch.

    Histogram display

    Histogram display allows light levels to be checked during both shooting and playback, giving the user a better way to evaluate each scene.

    Alarm function

    A handy alarm can be set to sound while a selected image is displayed. This can be used to wake you up with the sight of a friendly face, or to remind you of something important related to your schedule.

    Noise reduction function

    For longer exposures, the Optio 33WR automatically activates a function for reduced interference.

    World time function

    The Optio 33WR has the ability to tell the time in 62 different cities around the world. It can also record the time and date for each image, making the sorting of shots simpler later on.

    DPOF function

    DPOF compatibility* gives you the power to control the number of printouts, make use of the date function, and crop prints in exactly the manner you desire. *Some printers may not support the above functions. Please consult the supplier of your printer for more information.

    Operation in 8 languages

    All menus and messages of the Optio 33WR can be set for display in the user's choice of English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, or Japanese.

    USB* and ACDSee for PENTAX

    USB compatibility makes it fast and easy to import multiple recorded images into common PC applications via simple cable connection. The camera also comes complete with an ACDSee software package designed exclusively for PENTAX that may be installed easily and used on both Windows and Mac systems.

    *System requirements: PC running Windows 98/98SE, Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows XP Home Edition/Professional or Mac OS 9.0 or higher (installation of the included driver software is required, except in the case of Mac 0S 9.0 or higher, Windows Me, Windows 2000 or Windows XP). Compliance with the aforementioned system requirements does not guarantee USB compatibility.

    AV (video/audio) output terminal

    An AV output terminal makes it easy to connect the Optio 33WR to a TV, allowing the display of images on a much grander scale.

    Power sources

    The Optio 33WR can function with common AA alkaline batteries. It's also compatible with optional CR-V3 lithium batteries, which offer a longer life, and battery power can be conserved through use of an optional AC adapter whenever you like.

    SD memory card/MultiMediaCard (MMC) compatibility

    The Optio 33WR is compatible with both SD memory card and MultiMediaCards - which allow substantial amounts of images to be stored, are available in a range of capacities, and can be found on sale almost anywhere.

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