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Press Release - September 29, 2003

Olympus C-5060 Wide Zoom - Body of a Compact Digital Camera with the Soul of an SLR

Features Wide-Angle Lens, Fast Processing Time, Fully Articulated LCD, 5.1 Megapixels

Melville, New York, October 1, 2003 - With the release of the new C-5060 Wide Zoom, Olympus America introduces a high performance digital camera with an incredible wide- angle lens (27mm to 110mm, f2.8 - f8.0) that takes a photographer's creations to a whole new dimension. A state-of-the-art camera with 14x total seamless wide-angle zoom (4x optical + 3.5x digital) and fast processing time, the C-5060 Wide Zoom is ideal for advanced digital photographers seeking full manual and advanced photographic control typically found only in advanced SLR and Rangefinder film cameras.

"Photographers are certain to appreciate the C-5060 Wide Zoom because of its compact size, ergonomic and rugged design, ease of use and high quality optics," said T.J. Dickson, Product Manager of Digital, Olympus America Inc. "But it's the powerful wide- angle lens to see more of the image, and increased processing speed for fast start-up and continuous shooting, that make the C-5060 a compact camera with the soul of an SLR."


By combining a "designed-to-be-digital" wide-angle zoom lens with 5.1 megapixels, Olympus developed a camera that delivers optimal image quality. Based on the success of the C-5050 Zoom - the number-one selling camera of its kind during the 2002 holiday season - Olympus decided to evolve the camera further and has designed the C-5060 Wide Zoom with improved processing speed, greater zoom power, as well as a more-articulated LCD to provide greater flexibility while framing awkward angle shots.

Olympus C-5060 Zoom

With the revolutionary new PictBridge technology, it is possible to print directly from the C-5060 Zoom to any PictBridge-enabled printer, such as the Olympus P-10 Digital Photo Printer, via USB without having to connect the camera to a computer.


The C-5060 Wide Zoom is a compact camera with a rugged, black, magnesium alloy body that measures a mere (4.6" long x 3.4" high x 2.6" wide, and weighs just 15.2 ounces (without the battery or media). It also has a rounded edge on the corner where the mode dial is located, positioned so the thumb can manipulate the dial with ease.


The C-5060 Wide Zoom has remarkable versatility. Its built-in hot-shoe allows an external flash to be connected without the need for cables. An optional Olympus FL-20 or FL-50 flash will provide full 'through the lens' metering so photographers can get the best lighting conditions for their creations. Moreover, the camera has optional accessories like the Wide Angle and Tele Converter lenses, and a Power Grip battery for even greater customization.

Understanding the exposure range of an image being shot is easier now thanks to four special histograms on the C-5060 Wide Zoom. In the new "Direct" setting, the histogram generates red or blue squares atop the image on the LCD to show the light or dark areas of the subject, respectively. By adjusting exposure, users are able to equalize contrasting light and dark areas of an image so that details are not lost, and the red and blue squares become equal in number as adjustments are made. This function is particularly helpful when shooting subjects with high contrast between light and dark.

The C-5060 Wide Zoom's advanced settings include controls for aperture priority, shutter priority, and full manual operation and are ideal for experienced photographers who want to take control.

The camera takes two types of memory media - the xD-Picture Card