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Press Release - September 3, 2004

Olympus Master Software Makes Image Organization And Editing A Dynamic Digital Experience

New Software Enhances File Management, Image Searching and Image Editing Functions

Melville, New York, September 3, 2004 – Olympus is pleased to announce today that all forthcoming Olympus digital cameras will include innovative OLYMPUS Master™ software for better organization, editing, and management of digital camera images. OLYMPUS Master Plus™, an enhanced version of the software that offers even more advanced movie and still- image editing, including the ability to record images on CD/DVD media and create video CDs, is also available sold separately or as an upgrade of OLYMPUS Master.

"One of the things that makes digital photography so appealing to so many people is the ability to store images on a computer," said Richard Campbell, product marketing director, Olympus America Inc. "Once in the computer, however, sorting through and keeping track of all the images can be difficult when it’s time go back and find a particular shot. With OLYMPUS Master software, digital camera users will find they are better able to store and sort their pictures in a logical, organized fashion, as well as enjoy robust editing and printing capabilities."

Designed to Do More

Because many photographers associate their images with dates, events or anniversaries, OLYMPUS Master software can be set to automatically organize pictures by shooting date and display them on the computer screen as thumbnails within a dynamic Calendar View.

For Olympus digital camera users who prefer to organize their photo library by subject, the software allows keywords to be assigned to images as they are downloaded for quick and easy retrieval of the specific image or images desired by searchable keyword(s). For example, a keyword such as "Wedding" can be assigned to a group of images, which can in turn be further segmented by additional keywords such as "Ceremony" and "Reception" for a more precise image search.

By simply clicking on banners located in a column on the right side of the OLYMPUS Master software window, users gain instant access to a host of valuable service and support functions. These services and functions include photo seminar and contest information, customer support services, updates to digital camera firmware (the software within the camera that controls camera operation) and a wide range of other informative content designed to stimulate creativity, enhance printing and improve overall functionality.

Designed to Enhance the Digital Experience

Digital photographers can turn their computer into their own digital imaging lab with the wide range of photo editing functions available with OLYMPUS Master. Editing tools include one-touch compensation for automatic color adjustment, sepia and monochrome image creation, tone curve correction, distortion compensation and more. The improved red-eye feature allows users to reduce red-eye (for people) or green- and blue-eye (for animals).

With the panorama function available on OLYMPUS Master, multiple images can be seamlessly strung together to create a single panorama image of scenes such as a beautiful rose-colored skyline at sunset or a majestic mountain range.

For digital photographers wishing to control the complete "development" process, OLYMPUS Master software offers the ability to process RAW format image data downloaded from Olympus digital cameras – either through single-image or batch image processing. Also, if desired, a histogram can be displayed during processing.

Enjoying the versatility of digital photography is even further enhanced with an expanded range of printing options including the ability to produce documents in index, calendar and postcard layouts. Emailing images is as easy as selecting a menu option from OLYMPUS Master that will synch with the user’s preferred email program.

Olympus Master Plus: Designed To Excite

In addition to enjoying the standard features of OLYMPUS Master, users who opt for the OLYMPUS Master Plus software will experience the ability to store images and video by burning them to CD-R/RW or DVD-R/RW media (separate ImageMixer VCD/DVD2 for Olympus software launches automatically). Images that incorporate music and other elements can be combined to create video CDs. Once burned onto the CD or DVD media, images and video can be taken anywhere and easily viewed using any standard DVD- or CD-compatible player.

OLYMPUS Master Plus also offers enhanced printing functions with options including a free layout album for positioning images anywhere within the printable area of the preferred print media, and the ability to combine images with background or illustration templates. To ensure digital photographers have immediate access to the latest templates, all templates will be available for download from a dedicated website. Once downloaded, the created composite images can be saved for future use and enjoyment.

Editing QuickTime Motion JPEG movies taken with an Olympus camera is done quickly and easily with OLYMPUS Master Plus’ available suite of movie editing options. Back at the computer, movies captured in the vertical format can be easily rotated for correct horizontal display. Moreover, individual frames can be converted to still images and edited as if originally shot as a still image, while unwanted material can be conveniently deleted. For users looking for more advanced video editing functions, it is possible to launch third-party motion-image editing applications from within OLYMPUS Master.

Other unique features of OLYMPUS Master Plus include sepia and monochrome movie creation, a filter for one-touch video compensation, the ability to save albums in HTML format, conversion of images into desktop wallpaper, and a slideshow option to allow images to be viewed as movies or screensavers.


All new Olympus cameras will include the OLYMPUS Master software. This software can be upgraded to OLYMPUS Master Plus via a website download ( OLYMPUS Master and OLYMPUS Master Plus will be available in November 2004 at or your local retailer.

U.S. Pricing
OLYMPUS Master: .99 (U.S.); Free with purchase of new Olympus Digital camera
OLYMPUS Master Plus Upgrade from Olympus Master: .99 (U.S.)
OLYMPUS Master Plus: .99 (U.S.)


Olympus is a precision technology leader, designing and delivering innovative solutions in healthcare and consumer electronics worldwide.

Olympus works collaboratively with its customers and its parent company, Tokyo-based Olympus Corporation, to leverage R&D investment in precision technology and manufacturing processes across diverse business lines. These include:

  • Gastrointestinal endoscopes, accessories, and minimally invasive surgical products;

  • Advanced clinical and research microscopes;

  • Lab automation systems, chemistry-immuno and blood bank analyzers and reagents; and

  • Digital and film cameras, and digital voice recorders.

In the U. S. and Canada, Olympus serves healthcare, scientific and commercial laboratory markets with integrated product solutions and financial, educational and consulting services that help customers efficiently, reliably, safely, and easily achieve superior results. Olympus is the leader in gastrointestinal endoscopy and clinical and educational microscopes. The company's market-leading consumer electronics business spans North and South America. For more information, visit

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