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Press Release - June 24, 2002

Olympus Europa Introduces C-4000 Zoom

A multi-talent with four million pixels at a price that’s hard to resist

Olympus C-4000 Zoom

Hamburg, 24 June 2002 – Equipped with a bright f2.8 high-quality 3x zoom lens, four million pixels and a wealth of photographic functions, the CAMEDIA C-4000ZOOM assures all-round performance. Besides its full automatic mode, this ergonomically and functionally designed digital camera offers six pre-set scene programs for typical shooting conditions such as portraits and sports. With an adjustable aperture and shutter as well as white balance, ambitious digital photographers will enjoy the creative control it allows. A range of optional accessories, like converter lenses and an external flash, are also available. Last but not least, this impressive model amazes with its competitive price.

Results that astonish with their clarity and colour

The four million pixel resolution of the C-4000ZOOM delivers results with brilliant detail – even for A3 prints! The sophisticated Olympus TruePic process optimises sharpness, contrast, colour purity and gradation so even images saved at a lower resolution enjoy impressive quality. The model’s 3x zoom lens is constructed from eight elements arranged in six groups and contains two aspherical lenses to return sharp, bright photos. With a focal length equivalent to 32 – 96 mm in a 35 mm camera, it is suited for both striking landscape shots and candid close-ups. Used in combination with the 3.5x digital zoom, over 10x magnification is possible.

Precision metering and versatile functions

Olympus has equipped the C-4000ZOOM with three exposure metering options. The digital ESP (Electro Selective Pattern) is the best choice for easy, every-day shots. It takes readings from various points in the frame and intelligently processes the data to determine the optimal settings. If the user wishes to adjust the exposure to suit a particular area in the frame, spot metering is also on hand. The multi-spot system sets the exposure based on several individual readings taken from points selected by the photographer.

The iESP (intelligent Electro Selective Pattern) autofocus determines the distance of the subject and alters the focus accordingly. In addition to the regular spot autofocus, the C-4000ZOOM features a unique "AF area selection" system. Here, the user can move the metering point along a horizontal and vertical axis within the viewfinder. Manual adjustment is also possible. In Super Macro mode, this camera is still able to focus on objects that are a mere two centimetres away. The intelligent auto white balance has been further improved to ensure even more realistic reproduction of skin tones under all light sources. Four pre-set white balance settings plus a one-touch white balance are also included.

Five flash modes, such as fill-in and slow synchronisation provide a choice of illumination options. To ensure night-time cityscapes and other slow exposure shots display the brightness and clarity they deserve, the user can activate the noise reduction mode at the touch of a button. The C-4000ZOOM includes a histogram function – a feature normally only found in cameras targeted at professionals and semi-professionals. It shows the brightness distribution of a shot in a graphic form and may be used on photos after capture as well as on the live image shown in the monitor. Pre-set shooting programs plus full manual exposure control Once the user switches the mode dial on the CAMEDIA C-4000ZOOM to "scene programs" a "virtual dial" is displayed on the LCD monitor, enabling the selection of the movie mode and six scene programs. With settings optimised for portraits, self-portrait, landscape, landscape-portraits, night scenes or sports these permit effortless shooting and are therefore particularly suitable for spontaneous shots and beginners.

The more adventurous photographer can also select Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority and – for total exposure control – Manual. For tricky lighting situations, an auto bracketing function takes a number of frames at different exposure levels.

The user may also save favourite shooting combinations in the four "My Mode" settings which are accessed as easily as the scene programs. To record the full sequence of events, the C-4000ZOOM permits a maximum of eight shots to be captured in succession at a speed of up to 1.5 frames per second. The emotional feeling of a picture may be significantly enhanced with this camera by shooting in black and white or sepia. Capturing text in the blackboard and whiteboard modes ensures high-definition results.

Software and optional accessories

A USB cable (supplied with the camera) and USB AutoConnect support allow effortless connection to a PC and speedy data transfer. Once on the computer, the Olympus software CAMEDIA Master 4.0 (supplied with all Olympus digital cameras) may be used to process, edit, organise and print the photos. The upgrade, CAMEDIA Master Pro can be purchased from the Olympus website and offers additional features, such as a back-up function, email and the facility to create HTML albums. The optional TTL flash system CAMEDIA FL-40 provides greater illumination power and versatility. It takes measurements "Through The Lens" and permits both automatic and manual flash control. Optional lens converters extend the tele performance by 1.45x (TCON-14) or increase its wide angle capabilities (0.8x converter WCON-08).

With this four million pixel model, Olympus, the opto-digital specialist and a driving force in digital imaging, shows once again its commitment to producing high performance cameras that provide great value for money. The C-4000ZOOM is planned for release mid-summer.

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