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Press Release - March 18, 2002

Camedia D520 Zoom
Camedia D380

Olympus Introduces An Affordable Pocket-Sized 3X Zoom Digital Camera

World-Class Olympus Lens, Stylish Design, & 2 Megapixel CCD D-520 ZOOM Provides Effortless, High Quality Photography

Olympus D520 Zoom

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Melville, NY, March 18, 2002 - Olympus America Inc. today announced the D-520 ZOOM, an easy- to-use pocket-sized zoom digital camera. Building on the success of the D-510 ZOOM, one of the best sellers in its class, the D-520 ZOOM is approximately 30% smaller with a sleek metallic silver gray body; 3x optical zoom combining with a 2.5x digital zoom for a total seamless 7.5x zoom; CCD resolution of 2 Megapixels; QuickTime™ Movie Mode; and USB Auto- Connect for easy connectivity to most USB equipped computers.

The D-520 ZOOM delivers vibrant high quality images through the Olympus all-glass f2.8 - f4.9 3X Optical Zoom Lens. Extremely versatile and easy to use, the D-520 ZOOM not only offers a choice of four image resolution levels, an assortment of cool image edit effect modes, such as black & white, sepia and file resize; but also includes the ability to record full motion video and view images and movies on a TV. The D-520 ZOOM's movie mode records up to 60 seconds of full motion video at 15 frames per second on the included 16MB SmartMedia card.

The D-520 ZOOM captures images with enough resolution to create photo-quality prints up to 8" x 10". It also offers settings for different image qualities and file sizes for everything from printing, emailing or posting images on the web.

For fast and simple computer connectivity, the D-520 ZOOM features USB Auto-Connect technology. The Olympus USB Auto-Connect feature allows users to plug the camera directly into most USB-configured computer. No hardware drivers or additional software are required to fully support connectivity with PCs running the latest operating systems including Windows® XP, 2000, Me and 98 and Mac OS™ 8.6 - 9.2x and Mac OS™X (10.0.1). These computers will mount and recognize the D-520 ZOOM automatically. The camera will appear as a removable drive in the "My Computer" window on a Windows PC, and as a "Untitled" disk drive on the desktop of Macintosh systems. This eliminates the need to search for software or restart the system, so image viewing, downloading and printing can be performed immediately upon connection (card readers are also available for non-USB equipped PCs).

Printing the images from the D-520 ZOOM is so easy. Simply insert the removable SmartMedia card directly into one of Olympus' "P" Series dye sublimation printers for high quality prints up to 8" x 10". The D-520 Zoom supports the Digital Print Order Format (DPOF) standard for tagging specific photographs for printing with DPOF-compatible printers.

The 1.5" LCD display allows for enhanced playback and viewing options, including 4-, 9- or 16-frame Index Display Mode, Single Frame Display with 1.5X, 2.0X, 2.5X and 3.0X Zoom Inspection, plus sequential image scrolling. The LCD monitor also serves as the camera's control panel, with an easy to use menu layout and arrow keypad to select various modes and settings.

The D-520 will be available April 2002. It comes with a 16MB SmartMedia card, USB cable, strap, 2 AA Alkaline batteries, Camedia Master 4.0 software for photo editing, correction and management, user manual and warranty card.

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Olympus Unveils Low Priced 2 Megapixel Digital Camera

D-380 is a User-Friendly Digital Camera that Delivers Photo Quality 8 x 10 Prints

Olympus D380, photo (c) 2002 Steve's Digicams

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Melville, NY, March 18, 2002 -- Olympus America Inc. today announced the Olympus D-380, the lowest priced Olympus point and shoot 2 Megapixel camera for only . With simple controls, the D-380 is easy to use and provides the high image quality that consumers expect from Olympus. A simplified menu system; USB Auto-Connect for fast/easy downloads without additional software; and built-in long-life battery circuitry for extended battery life are key to the value and quality of the D-380. The self-portrait and image resizing mode; as well as the ability to merge two shots into one image deliver consumers new exciting features never before offered in an Olympus digital camera at this low price.

Designed for consumers demanding a high quality, easy-to-use digital camera at an affordable price, the D-380 comes with the Olympus high-quality all-glass 4.5mm f4 lens (35mm equivalent in 35mm format) for superior images that are sharp, colorful and vibrant.

Ease-of-Use The D-380 is easy for anyone to use. Its fully automatic features allow everyone to be a pro the first time they photograph with the camera. Multi-mode flash, auto white balance and digital ESP metering ensure beautiful pictures at the touch of a button. Very fast shutter release times with virtually no shutter lag time also compliment the product. Close up Macro photography is possible at distances as close as 9.8 inches.

No additional software or docking station is needed to quickly download and view photos on your computer. The Olympus USB Auto-Connect feature allows users to plug the camera directly into almost any USB-equipped computer for easy access to their images. Compatible operating systems include Windows® XP, 2000, Me and 98 and Mac OS 8.6 - OSX (OS 9.2). Bundled with the D-380 is the new Olympus Camedia Master 4.0 software for image editing, saving photos in albums, creating calendars, postcards, and printing photos.

Stylish Design The D-380 looks great in your hand and fits comfortably in your pocket so there's never a reason not to bring it along. The D-380 is lightweight at 6.7 ounces and compact with dimensions of 4.9 W" x 2.6 H" x 1.6 D". The protective lens barrier protects the precision lens when the camera is not in use, and also functions as the power on/off switch. Simply slide it open and the camera is ready to shoot in about 1 second.

The D-380 comes with an 8MB SmartMedia card. In addition, 1MB of internal memory is also built into the camera for processing and saving images in case you run out of space on your SmartMedia card while shooting. The memory backup feature allows images captured on the internal memory to be copied to the SmartMedia card. For more photo storage, extra SmartMedia cards from 8MB to 128MB can also be used. Optional Olympus SmartMedia cards can be reused thousands of times, as images can be erased and the cards reused.

The D-380 doesn't require any proprietary or other expensive batteries to operate. Almost any AA batteries will do, including rechargeable batteries. And because of the built-in long-life battery circuitry, consumers can expect to get hundreds of shots with even the lowest-cost alkaline batteries. When Olympus' long-life LB01 (CR3V) batteries are used, battery-life is extended even more (by about 3 times) for more of your favorite photos.

The D-380 will be available April 2002. It includes the Olympus CAMEDIA Master Software 4.0 for photo manipulation and management, an 8MB SmartMedia Card, USB cable, strap, 4 AA Alkaline batteries, manual, and warranty card.

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