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NixVue Systems

Press Release - March 1, 2003

New Nixvue Vizor CD-ROM Based Storage Device

1st March 2003 - Photo Marketing Association (PMA) 2003, Las Vegas, USA - Nixvue Systems Announces New Vizor CD-ROM Based Storage Device Nixvue Systems Pte Ltd, manufacturers of the award-winning Nixvue Digital Album and Vista (Visual Storage Album) today announced the introduction of the Vizor, a transportable CDROM-based product targeted at users who want a convenient way of permanently storing the digital camera images into CD Recordable media.

Permanent Storage

At the press of one button, the Nixvue Vizor easily and conveniently copies all the images from the memory card used in digital cameras on to permanent CD-R and CD-RW media for storage and archiving purposes. It accepts four of the most popular memory cards - ompact Flash (Type I and II), Secure Data, Multimedia Card and SONY Memory Stick. Optional adapters are available for SmartMedia and XD cards.

A high-contrast backlit monochrome LCD panel allows the user to execute copy and verify commands as well as for checking directory listings and available disk space. There is even a copy-back command to transfer files back to the memory card. The powerful built-in IntelliVue operating system caters for memory cards larger than 640MB by a feature called disk-spanning whereby the user is prompted to replace the full CD-R media with a fresh one, and the burning process continues until all data is transferred. An optional 2.5" color LCD attachment is available for users who want to directly view the images on the screen.

The power of the Vizor is fully realized with the connection to a TV or video projection system. Users can run slideshows, zoom and pan functions via the remote control unit. The Vizor will also display images from a Kodak Picture CD.

Together with the Nixvue Vista (Visual Storage Album), the DA Lite and DA2, Nixvue Systems now provides a whole range of solutions to cater to beginners all the way to professional digital camera users.

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