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Press Release - August 25, 2003

Minolta Announces Availability Of DiMAGE Messenger Version 2.0

Enhanced version of PC software program allows users to communicate with images, text and audio comments

Ramsey, NJ - August 25, 2003 - Minolta Corporation announces today the availability of Minolta DiMAGE Messenger 2.0. This enhanced digital imaging software product is ideal for real estate agents, law enforcement agencies, sellers and buyers on auction Web sites, educators and more. Minolta's new DiMAGE Messenger 2.0 software program allows users to automatically link written text, additional images or an audio track to specific portions of digital images, share the combination with others via e-mail or printed copy, and invite related comments to be added from the receiver - all in just a few, simple steps. In addition, a new search feature allows specific comments to be located quickly. Searches can be made by word, date of entry, or user name.

"DiMAGE Messenger 2.0's ability to combine digital images, audio files and text components in a single file means greater productivity for the user," said Jon Sienkiewicz, vice president of marketing for Minolta Corporation's Consumer Products Group. "This new software is ideal for business users that benefit from clear communications based on digital media as well as consumers interested in conveniently sharing their favorite images, whether or not they also choose to add audio files or text comments."

Minolta's DiMAGE Messenger 2.0 allows users to attach questions, comments, or explanations to a specific image thus providing clear communication between DiMAGE Messenger users. Supplementary images, audio comments, or up to 256 characters of text can be added to an image. All comments are in reference to a main image. A single image can be used as the main image or two images can be combined and placed side by side. These comments can be linked to a specific area within the main image with a color frame. Four frame options are available: square, rounded corner, oval, and free hand. The free-hand frame allows specific areas to be traced. The font and font color can be changed for text comments.

These annotated images can be sent to others via e-mail from within the application by selecting the "mail" button from the command program's menu. And, image files can be automatically resized to improve e-mail transmission speed. A DiMAGE Messenger reader can be attached to the e-mail automatically, if desired. The reader will allow the user to open and read images and comments, but it does not allow additional comments to be added or edited. A trial version of DiMAGE Messenger 2.0 can be downloaded at

DiMAGE Messenger files can also be exported into various file formats to facilitate the distribution of information. Files can be saved in either HTML or .emf formats allowing them to be used in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel) and web applications.

Finding and opening files could not be easier. A folder tree in the application window shows all the folders in the computer system. When a folder is opened, thumbnails of all the compatible image files are displayed in the main window. Simply click on the thumbnail to open the image in the annotation window. Folders and files are displayed in the annotation window to make adding image or audio files to the comment list quick and efficient. A preview of an image file is displayed before it is added to the list. Audio files can also be played back before they are added to the list.

Minolta DiMAGE Messenger 2.0 software is an ideal communication tool. The application is ideal for all persons who need to communicate by looking at and working with images and exchanging written words about the elemental contents of those images - and is especially useful when significant distances separate two or more people. Examples of highly suitable applications include real estate and insurance appraisals, documentation for technical devices, and education and training.

Minolta Corporation

Minolta Corporation, headquartered in Ramsey, New Jersey, is the largest subsidiary of Minolta Co. Ltd. of Osaka, Japan, a leading manufacturer of cameras, business equipment, radiometric instruments and planetariums. Minolta Corporation's Consumer Products Group (CPG) markets 35mm film and Advanced Photo System cameras, digital cameras, binoculars, accessory lenses, photographic light meters, 35mm and Advanced Photo System film scanners and other consumer products.

The corporation's Business Products Group (BPG) markets digital and analog office equipment. Products include black-and-white copiers, digital black and white printer/copiers, plain-paper laser facsimile machines, digital color printer/copiers, micrographic systems, document management software, and related office equipment.

For more information, visit Minolta's Web site located at or access Minolta's PHOTOFAX at 800-528-4767.

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