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Maha Energy / PowerEx

Press Release - June 24, 2004

PowerEx Reinvents Worldwide Speed, Portability and Efficiency in the Charging Industry!

La Verne, CA Ė June 14, 2004 -- Maha Energy Corp., maker of PowerEx rechargeable batteries and chargers, is pleased to announce one of the marketís lightest and fastest charger: The MHC204W One Hour Worldwide Travel Conditioning Charger.

After intensive research, Maha discovered that casual and professional users desire portability and reliability. Consumers need a small, trustworthy charger that could be taken anywhere around the world that actually fits in their camera bag. Consumers also require a charger that can even revive batteries thought ready for the recycle bin. With these needs in mind, Maha designed the MHC204W. This ultra compact and portable charger is up to 70% lighter than competitive models and charges batteries to their maximum capacity!

The MH-C204W can be used internationally without the need of a power brick! This travel charger is globally certified and compliant to nearly every major safety agency in the world. An integrated 100-240V 50/60Hz worldwide switching adapter is built into the charger and comes with an interchangeable AC cord.

The MH-C204W also magnifies battery longevity! An integrated battery conditioner rescues old and degraded NiMH batteries by applying high current pulses. In addition, this conditioning charger includes an alkaline battery detection device that prevents users from charging alkalines. Through unique algorithms, the MH-C204W can reach a 98% charge level in the batteries when the lights turn green, without the risk of undercharging or overcharging!

The MH-C204W One Hour charger has four unique charging phases: startup charge, rapid charge, top-off charge and maintenance charge. The startup charge delivers a smooth ramp-up of current when the batteries are inserted. The top-off charge is applied for two hours after the completion of the charge to ensure that batteries are topped off to their maximum capacity. The low rate pulse maintenance charge ensures that batteries are not overcharged when left in the charger for extended periods of time and are always ready to use. Finally, the microprocessor driven negative Delta V, Zero Delta V and the temperature termination system ensure complete charging.

The MH-C204W One Hour Worldwide Travel Conditioning Chargerís retail price is US .95 including 4 AA 2300mAh batteries and a battery carrying case.

Maha Energy Corp., maker of PowerEx, a leading provider of consumer and industrial battery and charging solutions operates a global network of manufacturing, design and distribution locations to serve both standard and OEM customers.

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