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Press Release - September 22, 2002

Peter iNova's "The Sony Advanced Cyber-shot eBook" For F707 and F717 Users Is Now Available

Sony eBook!

The latest release from best-selling author Peter iNova, "The Sony Advanced Cyber- shot eBook," is a ten-chapter exploration of the functions, opportunities and secrets of the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F707 and DSC-F717 5-megapixel cameras and related accessories. The long-awaited Sony eBook was released September 20 and has begun to ship.

Peter iNova's Sony eBook is an evolution in publishing. Here is a full-color, 250- page volume featuring interactive links, direct imbedded Internet addresses, higher- than-printed-book image resolution and instantaneous browsing that lets readers scan the entire work visually via thumbnail images or by a table of contents that exists at the edge of every page. In many places, color coded text directly links to other topics within the eBook and on the Web.

The signature feature of iNova's eBook series, the over 300 completely original iNovaFX Photoshop Actions, are included. These perform rescue, enhancement and utility functions on the big DSC-F707/717 5-megapixel images. They are all on the CD for immediate use with Photoshop 6 and 7.

Premiering with the Sony eBook are the iCrosstar Actions and the iGrad Actions which emulate photographic techniques formerly only attainable by glass filters.

The iCrosstar series produce nine variations of controllable, tunable cross star effects--a digital improvement over the glass variety. They trigger only from the top 1% of highlights and one can tune the intensity, contrast and color of the overlaid cross effect before committing to the it, something that is impossible with the physical variety.

The new iGrad series produce a soft-edge gradual filter effect to reduce or add dramatic contrast to overly-bright skies. These come in several colors and offer a great deal of flexibility in their tuning.

Joining these are a string of new Actions that create subtle duo-tone and printing tints for contemporary high-quality ink-jet printers with their enhanced monochrome capabilities.

"Black and white photography," says iNova, "has become the 'new' special effect."

Software for displaying the eBook on Windows and Macintosh platforms is included on the CD. Included also are the Tryout version of Photoshop, a fully functional 30-day evaluation copy of Test Strip 3 and much more.

"All the more complex Actions that come with the Sony eBook have been either re-written or are largely revised," said iNova. "They now create labeled 'snapshots' of their result in Photoshop's History file before freshening up your computer's memory at the end of their operation. You can easily compare the original and altered versions by clicking among the collection of snapshots an image accumulates as you try different Actions."

Patterned after iNova's best-selling Nikon eBook, it features the dual-resolution PDF format of High- and Ultra-resolution files on the same CD. The new Sony eBook presents over 550 amazingly detailed images, charts and illustrations to the viewer.

"The High-resolution images may be studied on-screen at 200% enlargement while the same images in the Ultra-resolution files can be enlarged an astounding 400% to 500% before running out of pixels," said author/designer Peter iNova, who invented the twin-resolution distribution format. "We've even included a 'Single-File' version that is optimized for speedy review of the entire eBook."

New on the Sony eBook's package are special color white-balance filters designed for the Cyber-shot cameras. The package itself becomes the source for a dozen color filters that are generated inside the camera using its fast manual white balance feature. These allow a photographer to add a color filter to the shot in any lighting condition faster than one could screw on a glass color filter of the same intensity.

Chapters include:

  • Sony Basics
  • Hands-on Operation
  • Photo Myths
  • iNova's widely appreciated Seven-Step Photoshop Course
  • a huge new "How Do I..." chapter
  • an expanded "Learning Digital Photography" course
  • Printing Digital Images
  • Digital Special Effects
  • Vexing FAQs and twenty pages of instructions on the iNovaFX actions.

The chapters are joined by an extensive Index and a completely Internet-interactive Appendix. Click on a resource in the Appendix, and if your browser is active, the site immediately activates.

In addition, a new Sony Cyber-shot Gallery of images by DSC-F707 owner-photographers from around the world is presented, showing the extraordinary range of these cameras in the hands of both professional and enthusiast.

Release of the Sony eBook was timed to include information on the newly revised DSC-F717 camera with its upgraded features.

The first duplication run of the eBook sold out. All the advance sales were filled and shipped on September 20. The second duplication run will be available starting Monday, September 22.

The Sony Advanced Cyber-shot eBook by Peter iNova. Graphics Management Press. 250 pp. 550+ images. 320+ iNovaFX Actions.

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The Sony DSC-F707 and DSC-F717 Advanced Cyber-shot eBook is yours for just .95 - special shipping discount for Steve's readers

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