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Press Releases - July 28, 2004

Fujifilm Announces Availability and New Features For Finepix S3 Pro Professional Digital Camera

Adjustable Dynamic Range, Film Simulation Modes Raise the Bar for Digital SLRs

October 21, 2004 update - Fujifilm USA has today released the pricing information for the Finepix S3 Pro camera, the MAP (minimum advertised price or street price) is .

VALHALLA, NY, July 28, 2004 – With the FinePix S3 Pro firmly established at the top of many wish lists, Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. today announced that the camera of choice for many wedding, portrait and commercial photographers will be available October 2004 with a number of previously unannounced features, including adjustable dynamic range and film simulation modes.

The FinePix S3 Pro represents the culmination of Fujifilm’s unmatched professional photography heritage and continuous commitment to technology innovation. Special features that will set the FinePix S3 Pro apart from competitors will be Fujifilm’s proprietary Super CCD SR II sensor, new and advanced image processing technology and a number of professional controls developed exclusively for the FinePix S3 Pro. With knowledge culled from years of dedication to the professional photography community, Fujifilm understands that a quality image is about more than just resolution, and thus created the FinePix S3 Pro to bring the digital picture closer to the film standard than ever before. Photographers shooting with the FinePix S3 Pro will experience greater dynamic range, improved tonal capabilities, exceptional color balancing and accuracy and better signal-to-noise ratios, all factors that contribute to a colorful, clear and detail-laden picture.

Feature highlights of the FinePix S3 Pro include:

  • Improved Dynamic Range – A wider dynamic range opens up a whole new world in terms of picture quality, and the unique double photodiode design (6.17 million S-pixels and 6.17 million R-pixels) of the Super CCD SR II sensor will produce dynamic range approximately 400% greater than that of CCD working on a single-pixel design, capturing the finest detail in even the highest contrast scenes.

  • Adjustable Dynamic Range (New Feature!) – No longer confined within a small, fixed space, professional photographers will have the option to adjust the camera’s dynamic range, changing the mixing ratio between the FinePix S3 Pro’s "S" and "R" pixels.

  • Film Simulation Modes (New Feature!) – A feature unique to the FinePix S3 Pro and one that could only be developed by a company with Fujifilm’s experience. Photographers that favor the look and feel of film can replicate the results of various chrome and negative films while shooting digitally with the FinePix S3 Pro.

  • Color Spaces (New Feature!) – The FinePix S3 Pro will offer a choice of sRBG and Adobe RGB to generate the color best suited for the job.

  • Selectable RAW capture modes (New Feature!) – Sometimes, a smaller file is needed. With the FinePix S3 Pro, the user will be able to "turn off" the expanded dynamic range function without losing resolution.

  • Lightning-Fast Start-Up (New Feature!) – Boot time in the blink of an eye. The FinePix S3 Pro goes from off to ready-to-shoot in one-half second – with any compatible media type.

  • D-TTL Flash Exposure Metering System – Photographers can take advantage of a host of creative options, even on location, and get outstanding results with all Nikon-compatible speed lights.

  • Dual Shutter Release Buttons – Photographers should love the addition of a second shutter release button, situated perfectly for easier vertical shooting.

  • High-Speed Dual Image Interfaces: The FinePix S3 Pro provides IEEE 1394 (FireWire) and USB 2.0 interfaces for camera control (IEEE1394 only) and high-speed image transfer.

  • 10-Pin Nikon Electric Remote: Standard equipment for a camera in this class
The FinePix S3 Pro package will include Fujifilm’s own HS-V2 Hyper-Utility software, a workflow enhancement tool that acts like a digital lightbox, helping photographers pick their best images.

About Fujifilm

Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. is a subsidiary of Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. and delivers technology solutions to meet the imaging and information needs of retailers, consumers, professionals and business customers. As a global leader in digital imaging, Fujifilm pioneered the development of digital medical systems, and today is the leader in digital minilab systems. The company was ranked in the top ten for U.S. patents granted during the last decade, employs 73,100 people worldwide and in the year ending March 31, 2004, had global revenues of more than billion.

In the U.S., Fujifilm is a leader in delivering high quality, easy-to-use imaging and information solutions in the following categories: Digital Imaging Systems, Recording/Storage Media, Film and Imaging Systems, Motion Picture Film, Graphic Arts and Printing Systems and Medical Imaging and Diagnostics Systems. Fujifilm is committed to being an environmentally friendly, humane enterprise and an exemplary corporate citizen.

For more information on Fujifilm products, consumers can call 800-800-FUJI or access the Fujifilm U.S.A. Web site at

S3 Pro Specifications

Number of Effective Pixels** 12.3 million (S-pixel: 6.17 million, R-pixel: 6.17 million) pixels
CCD Sensor 23.0 × 15.5mm Super CCD SR with Primary Color Filter
Number of total pixels: 12.9 million (S-pixel: 6.45 million, R-pixel: 6.45 million) pixels
Number of Recorded Pixels 4256 × 2848 pixels (12.1 million)
3024 × 2016 pixels
2304 × 1536 pixels
1440 × 960 pixels
File formats JPEG FINE/NORMAL (Exif Ver. 2.2), DPOF-compatible
CCD-RAW (14bit)
[Design rule for Camera File system compliant/DPOF-compatible]
Storage media Slot No.1: xD-Picture Card™ (16MB to 512MB)
Slot No.2: CF type II (Microdrive™)
(Some CompactFlash™ cards may not work properly)
Storage Media
(4256 x 2848 pixels)
JPEG (FINE) Approx. 107
JPEG (NORMAL) Approx. 214
CCD-RAW To be determined
(The number of images will vary slightly depending on the type of subject.)
Usable lenses D-type AF Nikkor lenses: All functions possible
AF Nikkor other than D type: All function except 3D Matrix Metering possible
Non-CPU: Usable in Manual exposure mode (exposure meter cannot be used)
Picture angle Approx. 1.5X focal length in 35mm format equivalent
Exposure modes P: Auto-Multi Program (Flexible program possible)
S: Shutter-Priority Auto
A: Aperture-Priority Auto
M: Manual
Shutter speed 30 sec. to 1/4000 sec, Bulb, Max. 1/180 sec. X-contact
Advance Function Modes White Balance: Auto, Custom 1, Custom 2, Sunny, Shade, Fluorescent 1, 2, 3, Incandescent

Film Simulation:F1, F2

Dynamic Range: Auto, Wide 1, Wide 2, Standard

Color, Tone, Sharpness

Lens servo Single Servo AF (S), Continuous Servo AF (C), Manual focus (M) Focus Tracking automatically activated in subject's status in Single Servo AF (S) or Continuous Servo AF (C)
Sensitivity Equivalent to ISO 100/160/200/400/800/1600
Accessory shoe Hot-shoe contact (Sync contact, Ready-light contact, D-TTL auto flash contact, Monitor contact, GND), Safety lock provided
Shutter Release Dual; horizontal and vertical positions
Remote Release Yes
LCD monitor 2.0-inch, Low-temperature polysilicon TFT (235,000 pixels, wide-type LCD, approx. 100% frame coverage)
Video output NTSC/PAL selectable
Interfaces USB 2.0 for data storage, IEEE1394 for data storage and shooting
Power source 4 AA Ni-MH batteries (sharing power with camera body), AC power adapter
Dimensions 147.8 (W) × 135.3 (H) × 80.0 (D) mm/5.9 (W) × 5.3 (H) × 3.2 (D) in.
Weight Approx. 835g/29.5 oz. (excluding batteries and lens)

* Specifications subject to change without notice.
** Number of effective pixels: The number of pixels on the image sensor which receive input light
through the optical lens, and which are effectively reflected in the final output data of the still image.
Note: The FinePix S3 Pro is compatible with the PictBridge standard.

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