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Press Releases - January 29, 2002

FinePix S2 Pro
FinePix S602 Zoom FinePix S2 Pro SLR

FinePix S602 Zoom

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FinePix 30i

FinePix 30i
FinePix F601 Zoom
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Fujifilm's Finepix S2 Pro Delivers Exceptional High-Resolution Images, Flexibility And Convenience To The Professional Photographer

6.17 Million Effective Pixel Super CCD Sensor System Produces 4256 x 2848 (12.1 million) Recorded Pixel File; Dual Storage Media (SM & CF2), USB & FireWire Transfer Options, TIFF / CCD-Raw / JPEG File Formats

Fujifilm FinePix S2 Pro
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ELMSFORD, NY, January 29, 2002 � Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. today announced the FinePix S2 Pro Digital Camera, the widely anticipated successor to its acclaimed FinePix S1 Pro. The new SLR-type digital camera builds upon its predecessor's legacy for outstanding picture color and detail while empowering professional photographers with greater control over the editing, storing and transferring of high resolution images, both in the studio and on the road.

The FinePix S2 Pro boasts Fujifilm's next generation Super CCD sensor system for professional photography. With 6.17 million effective pixels, this general-purpose camera is capable of producing an image file with 4,256 x 2,848 (12.1 million) recorded pixels for pictures with stunning color and detail that are sure to please even the most discerning photographer. The FinePix S2 Pro also features a CCD Raw mode, which delivers the image before it has been processed by the camera's internal algorithmic settings, thereby liberating professionals to experiment with their photographs as they see fit.

In addition, the FinePix S2 Pro offers the advantage of a choice of a dual-storage media option: SmartMedia and IBM's Microdrive, which when inserted into the camera's CompactFlash (Card Type II) slot, can allow photographers shooting on location to take a large number of high-resolution photos without having to worry about running out of storage space. It also incorporates a fast dual PC interface, allowing for increased workflow with the speedy transfer of very large image files from the camera to a Macintosh or PC via IEEE 1394 (FireWire) or USB 1.1 interface.

"The FinePix S2 Pro's picture taking, storage and transfer capabilities make it ideal for professionals shooting both in the studio and off-site," said Jennifer Davalos, Marketing Manager, Professional Digital Products, Commercial Imaging Division, Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. "We think photographers � whether they're capturing a wedding party or that once-in-a-lifetime breaking news event � will be most impressed by its wide choice of manual features and its ability to deliver super high-quality images. "

The FinePix S2 Pro's design offers the pleasing handling characteristics that photographers expect from an SLR camera. It has a Nikon F mount and accepts every AF Nikkor and most manual AI or AI-S Nikkor lenses. In addition, the camera has a shutter speed of 30 to 1/4000 second and continuous shooting of approximately 2 frames/second up to a total of seven frames. Its wide range of ISO equivalents of 100/160/200/400/800/1600 allow for picture taking under a variety of challenging lighting conditions.

For further flexibility, the S2 Pro has a variety of controls, including four shooting modes (single frame, continuous, preview and multiple exposure), four exposure modes (multi programmed AE, shutter-priority AE, aperture-priority AE and manual exposure) and five variable program modes (portrait, landscape, close-up, sport and night scene). In addition, there are nine modes for white balance (auto, fine, shade, incandescent light, two custom settings and three for fluorescent light).

The FinePix S2 Pro can record images at four resolutions (4,256 x 2,848, 3,024 x 2,016, 2,304 x 1,536 and 1,440 x 960 pixels) and in three file formats (TIFF-RGB, CCD-Raw and JPEG). There are two compression modes (fine and normal) within the JPEG file format, and captured images can be viewed on the camera's 1.8-inch low-temperature polysilicon TFT display.

A special voice annotation feature allows the attachment of 30-second voice notes to each photo, which enables the busy photographer to track and describe a large portfolio of images.

TheFinePix S2 Pro has dimensions of 5.6" (W) x 5.2" (H) x 3.1" (D) and weighs 26.8 ounces, without batteries. It will be available for purchase in the second half of 2002.

Specifications for FinePix S2 Pro

Type of cameraInterchangeable-Lens SLR-type digital camera
Lens mountNikon F mount (with AF coupling, AF contacts)
Number of effective pixels 6.17 million pixels
CCD sensor23.0 x 15.5mm Super CCD
Number of total pixels: 6.49 million pixels in an interwoven pattern
Number of recorded pixels 4,256 x 2,848 pixels (12.1 million)
3,024 x 2,016 pixels
2,304 x 1,536 pixels
1,440 x 960 pixels
File format JPEG (DCF compatible)
TIFF-RGB (8bit)
CCD-Raw (12bit)
Storage media Slot No.1: SmartMedia (4MB to 128MB/3.3V)
Slot No.2: CompactFlash Type II (Microdrive compatible)
Number of images (4,256 X 2,848 pixels) Mode 16MB 32MB 64MB 128MB 1GB Microdrive
TIFF-RGB 0 0 1 3 29
CCD-Raw 1 2 5 10 84
JPEG (FINE) 3 6 13 26 220
JPEG (NORMAL) 6 13 28 56 469
Usable lenses D Type AF Nikkor lenses: All functions possible
AF Nikkor other than D type: All functions except 3D Matrix Metering possible
Non-CPU: Usable in Manual exposure mode (exposure meter cannot be used)
IX-Nikkor: Cannot be used
View finder Fixed-eyelevel pentaprism, built-in diopter adjustment (-1.8m-1to+0.8m-1)
Picture angle Approx. 1.5x focal length in 35mm[135] format equivalent
Sensitivity Equivalent to ISO 100, 160, 200, 400, 800, 1600
Shutter Electronically controlled vertical-travel focal-plane shutter
Shutter speed 30 to 1/4000 sec, Bulb
Shooting modes Single frame shooting
Continuous shooting: approx. 2 frames/ sec up to 7 frames
Preview mode
Multiple exposure
Exposure modes P: Multi-programed AE (Flexible program possible)
S: Shutter-priority AE
A: Aperture-priority AE
M: Manual
White balance Auto / Fine / Shade (fine weather) / Incandescent light / 3 modes for Fluorescent light / Custom setting (Custom 1,Custom 2)
Metering range 3D Matrix Metering: EV 0-21
Center-Weighted Metering: EV 0-21
Spot Metering: EV 3-21
Exposure compensation �3 EV range, in 1/2 steps
Built-in flash Guide No.12 (ISO 100�m), flash coverage: 28mm or longer lens
Accessory shoe Standard ISO-type with hot-shoe contact (Sync contact, Ready-light contact, TTL auto flash contact, Monitor contact, GND), Safety lock provided
Self timer Electronically controlled: timer duration: 20sec, 10sec, 5sec, 2 sec
LCD monitor 1.8-inch, Low-temperature polysilicon TFT (approx. 117,600 pixels)
Playback function 1 frame
Thumbnails in 4 segments
Thumbnails in 9 segments
Playback zoom
Histogram indication
Standard chart
Video output NTSC (USA/Canada model)
Interface USB for data storage
IEEE1394 for data storage & shooting
Power source 4 x AA type Alkaline or NiMH batteries
AC power adapter AC-5VHS
2 x 3V Lithium batteries: CR123A or DL123A
Dimensions 5.6"(W) x 5.2"(H) x 3.1"(D)
Weight Approx. 27 ounces (without batteries and lens)

Fujifilm's Success In Advanced-Amateur Category Of Digital Photography Leads To New Finepix S602 Zoom For The Seasoned Digital Photographer

Offers Choice of Professional-Level Features, Dual Media Slot and 30-Frame per Second VGA Digital Video along with Category-Leading Picture Color

Fujifilm FinePix S602 Zoom
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ELMSFORD, NY, January 29, 2002 - Building upon its achievements in the advanced-amateur category of digital photography, Fuji Photo Film U.S.A. Inc., today introduced the new FinePix S602 Zoom digital camera. Equipped with Fujifilm's third-generation, 3.1 million effective-pixel Super CCD sensor system that can produce a high-resolution image with 2832 x 2128 (6.03 million) recorded pixels and a powerful Fujinon EBC-coated 6x optical zoom lens, the FinePix S602 Zoom offers advanced-amateurs more than just brilliant image color.

Combined with Fujifilm's new, proprietary image processing method, known as Pixel Data Coupling Technology, and new noise reduction technology, the new higher sensitive Super CCD enables the FinePix F602 Zoom to deliver a wider range of ISO sensitivities all the way up to 1600 in 1280 x 960 mode with a minimal increase in CCD "noise." The new Super CCD system, which reflects yet another significant advancement in Fujifilm's digital imaging technology history, also allows for a unique vertical and horizontal "Pixel-Mixing Technology" that enables the camera to capture VGA digital video at a rate of 30 frames- per-second, a rate and quality not normally associated with digital still cameras.

In addition, the FinePix S602 Zoom offers a dual media slot for both SmartMedia and IBM's 1GB Microdrive, which can be inserted into the camera's CompactFlash (Card Type II) slot for the storage of 145 pictures with 2832 x 2128 pixels (Fine compression) and 15 minutes of VGA, 30 frames-per-second video.

"The great success we've seen with our FinePix 6900 Zoom model shows that serious photographers are not only looking for outstanding results, but demand the flexibility of having a choice of advanced photographic features," said Darin Pepple, Brand Manager, Consumer Digital Products, Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. "We're confident that the new FinePix S602 Zoom will provide the high image quality and color performance that serious photo enthusiasts have come to expect from Fujifilm's FinePix line."

Fujifilm FinePix S602 Zoom

Building upon the exceptional usability and output picture quality of Fujifilm's critically acclaimed FinePix 6900 Zoom, the FinePix S602 Zoom has new advanced features dedicated to helping serious photographers get the most out of digital photography, such as a passive auto-focus sensor combined with TTL CCD contrast auto-focus that enables photographers to capture better images in a variety of lighting situations including low light. It offers image resolution of up to 2832 x 2128 pixels for outstanding prints and in addition to its manual control modes (aperture, shutter speed, focus), the FinePix S602 Zoom also offers automatic point-and-shoot convenience.

Shutter speeds range from 3 to 1/2000 of a second in auto mode and 15 to 1/1000 of second in manual mode with adjustable ISO sensitivity of 160/200/400, including a high sensitivity, noise reducing one-megapixel mode (1280 x 960) at ISO 800/1600 that features Fujifilm's noise reduction technology. In this same mode, picture takers can snap 1.8 frames/second up to 40 frames. Other continuous shooting modes capture five frames/second up to five frames, including one that allows an infinite number of shots while the shutter is depressed, only saving the final five frames when the shutter is released.

The FinePix S602 Zoom also includes a voice annotation feature that allows the user to attach 30-second voice notes to photos, and the camera's TTL electronic viewfinder has 180,000 pixels for clear viewing, up from 110,000 pixels for the FinePix 6900 Zoom.

As it has done so successfully for its extensive line of film cameras, Fujifilm offers a choice of services and products for digital camera developing - the printing of digital pictures. At retail outlets, Fujifilm's Aladdin self-service kiosks and Frontier Digital Lab Systems offer the ease, cost effectiveness and professional quality of traditional print services, while the Fujifilm FinePix NX-500 digital printer brings digital camera developing to the home. Also from the home, picture takers can upload, store and album images to and have prints made via the Frontier Digital Lab System.

The camera measures 4.8" W x 3.2" H x 3.8" D and weighs 17.6 ounces, without batteries. Bundled accessories include a 16MB SmartMedia storage card, four AA NiMH batteries with charger, shoulder strap and USB and video cables.

Along with DP Editor, Arcsoft's VideoImpression 5.0 and Apple� QuickTime software, the camera is packaged with Fujifilm's FinePixViewer software program that automatically launches and organizes pictures stored on the camera's storage media. The FinePixViewer links users directly to the World Wide Web for answers to frequently asked questions, picture taking tips, support utilities, updated drivers and the receipt of periodic and pertinent promotional announcements from Fujifilm. The camera is Windows� and Macintosh� compatible.

Additional bundled software includes Adobe� Photoshop Elements designed for photo enthusiasts looking to explore their creativity in digital imaging.

The FinePix S602 Zoom will be available for in June 2002.

FinePix S602 Zoom Specifications

Number of Effective Pixels

3.1 million

Sensor Type


1/1.7-inch Super CCD in an interwoven pattern

Number of total pixels : 3.3 million

Number of

Recorded pixels

2832 x 2128 (6.03 million)
2048 x 1536
1280 x 960
640 x 480 pixels

File format

Still image:
JPEG (DCF compliant, DPOF-compatible)

Movie: AVI (Motion JPEG)

Storage media

Slot No. 1: SmartMedia Card (3.3V, 2MB to 128MB)

Slot No. 2: CompactFlash Card type II (Microdrive compatible)


Super EBC Fujinon 6x optical zoom lens
(equivalent to 35-210mm on a 35mm camera)


6x optical, Digital zoom 4.4x (640 x 480), 2.2x (1280 x 960), 1.4x (2048 x 1536)


Autofocus/AF-Area Focus/Manual Focus

Focus range

Normal: 1.6 ft � inf., Macro: .3 ft � 2.6 ft., Super Macro: 0.4" � 7.9"


F 2.8 � 11 (13 levels in 1/3EV steps)