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Delkin Devices

Press Release - February 9, 2004

Delkin Adds SD & High Capacity Gigabyte Memory Cards To Its High-Speed eFilm Pro Card Line

Delkin eFilm SD PRO

Poway CA, February 9, 2004 Delkin Devices Inc., maker of premium quality eFilm memory cards and other innovative products for camera stores worldwide, today announced some major new additions to its high-speed eFilm PRO Card line. The new eFilm Secure Digital (SD) PRO Card meets todayís need for speed for the new wave of video cameras and mobile camera phones requiring high-speed SD memory cards. Initial eFilm SD PRO Card capacities will be 256MB and 512MB (with SD PRO 1GB coming in Q2) and are expected to be among the fastest Secure Digital memory cards on the market. Transfer rate speeds up to 10 MB/s can be achieved. A 512MB SD PRO Card can hold approximately 4 hours and 20 minutes of MPEG4 video, 4 hours of MP3 audio (128 kbps), and 1,041 JPEG photos (standard/1600x1200 pixels).

Delkin is also increasing the storage capacities to their already popular eFilm CompactFlash (CF) PRO Cards for high-end SLR digital cameras. High-capacities of 1 and 2 Gigabytes (GB) now join the existing PRO Card capacities of 128MB, 256MB, 320MB, 512MB and the unique "straight to CD-R" capacity of 640MB. eFilm PRO cards are Delkinís premium series of memory cards designed to quench the professional photographerís thirst for speed. As digital cameras continue to evolve into sophisticated tools, Delkin has positioned the eFilm PRO card as the state of the art high-speed digital memory card. The eFilm CF PRO Cards are solid-state, and designed to be fast and durable for extensive shooting in the most extreme conditions.

The time required to capture an image has been among the main concerns with professional photographers since the birth of digital photography. The eFilm PRO Card significantly reduces capture times compared to standard consumer memory cards. To achieve this standard in quality, Delkin developed an innovative new technology called DQD (patent pending). The eFilm PRO cards are the only product on the market currently with DQD technology. DQD is a design and quality verification process that improves the performance of CF cards and is a Delkin exclusive. Innovative ideas like DQD enable Delkin to offer the best warranty in the business. All eFilm PRO cards, as well as Delkinís consumer line of Digital Memory Cards, are backed with a lifetime warranty.

eFilm PRO cards are sold at independent photography stores worldwide and online at Delkinís website at The MSRP for the SD PRO 512MB is .00, with the 256MB at .00. MSRP for the CF 2GB is .99 and 1GB at .00 (plus VAT in some countries). With prices on the street expected to be significantly lower, the eFilm PRO cards are among the most affordable professional grade memory cards available.

Delkin Expands Digital Camera Battery And Reader/Writer Product Line

Delkin eFilm RCR-V3

Poway CA, February 9, 2004 Delkin Devices Inc., maker of premium quality eFilm memory cards and other innovative products for camera stores worldwide, today announced an expanded line of digital camera and camcorder batteries. These new products will be introduced at PMA in Las Vegas February 12 through 15 at their booth C166. Chief among the products is the eFilm RCR-V3 digital camera battery. Many of todayís digital cameras are powered by two or four AA batteries, or in their place one or two of the popular CR-V3 batteries. But the CR-V3 is expensive and like Alkaline AA batteries, is disposable and presents an environmental concern with its one time use. Delkinís RCR-V3 provides a rechargeable alternative in a Lithium Ion battery. The RCR-V3 also offers greater power output than NiMH researchable batteries, holds a charge longer, weighs much less, and is more economical over time. Delkin Devices offers the RCR-V3 packaged with a battery charger. The RCR-V3 is also sold separately.

The Delkin eFilm line of rechargeable batteries now includes five new offerings compatible with many popular cameras. The DD/BLM-1 is made for the Olympus E-1 and C-5060 camera. The DD/LIP-10/B-9519 will work in the Sony DSC-F55K, DF-1 and other cameras. Also designed for many of Sonyís digital cameras and camcorders is the DD/NP-550, which will power the DKC-FP3, DSC-D700 and D770, MVC-CD1000 and the MVC-FD-100 models among several others.

The NP-100 meets the power requirements of the Fuji DS260 and several of the MX series cameras, plus a variety of JVC, Leica, Ricoh and Toshiba cameras. Finally, the eFilm DD/NP-80 rounds out this latest battery line expansion. This battery works in the Kodak DC4800, several of the Fuji Finepix MX series and Toshiba PDR series of cameras.

Delkin eFilm Reader-29

Delkinís broad line of memory card reader/writers took a big step forward with the introduction of the new USB 2.0 Reader-29, the only device on the market that will read and write to Secure Digital, Mini Secure Digital, MultiMedia and Reduced Sized Multimedia without the need for an adapter. It has a true mini-SD slot, and its blazing fast USB 2.0 capability supports rapid file transfers. Joining the Reader-29 in Delkinís product line are a value priced USB 2.0 CompactFlash Reader/Writer (Reader-28), Secure Digital/MultiMediaCard and Memory Stick Pro multi reader/writer, rounds out the new offerings and boasts the added feature of a detachable cable.

Delkin Devices, Inc., based in San Diego, California, has been operating since 1986. Since that time Delkinís eFilm digital storage products and accessories have become an industry leader in both OEM and consumer markets. eFilm memory cards are available in a wide variety of industry formats, and are supported by a full line of reader/writers and accessories. Known as the "Camera Store" brand, eFilm is available worldwide primarily through a network of independent camera stores, and a leading choice among photographers passionate about digital photography.

The company continues to be one of the leading US manufacturers for memory upgrades whose success has been the result of providing a broad range of products with premium quality, innovative designs and an ongoing dedication to superior customer service. Delkinís website,, attracts visitors from over 100 different countries, underscoring the companyís international success.

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