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Press Release - September 28, 2004

DALSA’s 22-Megapixel Trueframe™ CCD in Mamiya’s New Medium-Format Digital SLR Camera

Mamiya chose DALSA's FTF4052C 22-million pixel CCD for their innovative medium-format digital SLR

(Cologne, Germany, Photokina 2004, September 28 2004)--DALSA announced today the integration of its FTF4052C TrueFrame™ image sensor into the Mamiya ZD, the world’s first medium format digital SLR camera that is both fully integrated and portable. DALSA worked intimately with Mamiya, a name synonymous with excellence and innovation in professional photographic cameras and lenses, to develop this portable solution. DALSA’s 22 megapixel sensor was selected for its uncompromising performance, unmatched output speed, high dynamic range, excellent highlight handling and low power consumption.

Mamiya's new ZD Digital SLR

Photo (c) 2004

(Photo (c) 2004

The Mamiya ZD with the FTF4052C introduces a new era in professional digital photography, one that has been eagerly anticipated by commercial and studio photographers. In response to market demand for a completely untethered solution, the Mamiya ZD is light-weight, designed for handheld operation and ideal for "on-location" photography.

Designed by DALSA’s world-renowned Professional Imaging group in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, the FTF4052C image sensor has a resolution of 4008 x 5344 pixels for creating extremely detailed, high quality images. The large CCD image sensor suits the camera’s 645-optical-format enabling the use of any camera lens, without compromising the angle of view. The sensor meets the photography market’s demands for optimal imaging in high and low lighting conditions, high contrast for clear imaging and high frame rate. The FTF4052C has unmatched dynamic range and superior color fidelity – qualities that are imperative to commercial and professional photography.

"We are very pleased that Mamiya has incorporated our 22 megapixel sensor into the Mamiya ZD" commented Brian Doody, President of DALSA Corporation’s Digital Imaging Business. "Our superior image sensor technology is an excellent match for the demanding requirements of medium format photographers."

In addition to the FTF4052C sensor, DALSA also provided a custom ICCD image processing chip, developed in conjunction with Mamiya’s technical team, to meet the requirements of the new Mamiya ZD camera. The customer also made use of DALSA’s TDA9991 and SAA8103 support and drive chipsets to enable easier sensor integration into their revolutionary camera.

For more information on DALSA's professional imaging sensors, visit

About DALSA Corporation

DALSA is an international high performance semiconductor and electronics company that designs, develops, manufactures, and markets digital imaging products and solutions, in addition to providing wafer foundry services. DALSA’s core competencies are in specialized integrated circuit and electronics technology, and highly engineered semiconductor wafer processing. Products include image sensor components; electronic digital cameras; and semiconductor wafer foundry services for use in MEMS, high voltage semiconductors, image sensors and mixed-signal CMOS chips.

DALSA is a public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol "DSA". Based in Waterloo, ON. Canada, the company has operations in Bromont, PQ; Eindhoven, NL; Munich, Germany and Tokyo, Japan.

About Mamiya

For over 50 years, Mamiya has been a name synonymous with excellence and innovation in professional photographic cameras and lenses. Mamiya's dedication to the professional and advanced amateur markets ranges from the original folding, compact Mamiya 6 rangefinder camera of the 1940's to the recent introduction of the Mamiya 7 - the world’s only 6x7 rangefinder camera with interchangeable lenses. Mamiya continues to be a pioneer by continually improving and refining the finest professional photographic products with state-of-art advancements such as superior apochromatic lens technology and practical, ergonomic camera design and function. For more information, visit

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