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Press Release - August 1, 2003

Casio Introduces A New 4.0 Megapixel Digital Camera With Fast Power Up Time And Release Time Lag

The QV-R40's quick response and high speed telescoping 3X optical zoom lens enables you to capture those special moments the instant they happen

Casio QV-R40

DOVER, NJ, AUGUST 1, 2003 - Casio, Inc., in conjunction with its parent company, Casio Computer Company Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, today announced a new addition to the QV Digital Camera series, the new compact QV-R40, a 4.0 megapixel Digital Camera. The new QV-R40 has 1-second power up time and industry leading* 0.01-second release time lag** (both values approximate), ensuring you can capture those special moments whenever they happen.

* As of July 2003

** Time from when the shutter release button is fully depressed with the monitor screen and built-in flash turned off and focus locked.

CASIO recorded 0.01-second release time lag mark last year with the release of its high- resolution 4.0-megapixel QV-R4 and 3.0-megapixel QV-R3, eliminating one of the most serious shortcomings for digital cameras up to that time. The ability to record images virtually the instant they happen, along with 3X optical zoom soon made these high- performance models the digital cameras of choice the world over.

The new QV-R40 is the next generation model for the QV Series QV-R4, and is loaded with features. The QV-R40 sets the pace for performance and speed, featuring a new high-speed telescoping optical 3X zoom lens and a high-speed startup control, making startup 1 second faster than the QV-R4. Playback is faster, too, with the new QV-R40 scrolling through images on the monitor screen at a rate of about 0.1 second per image. Also a pair of direct mode access buttons for REC and PLAY turn the camera on directly to the mode you want, letting even a novice digital camera user operate the new QV-R40 with confidence. Compact, feature-filled yet easy-to-use, the QV-R40 is set to become the new standard for speed and performance in the compact digital camera market. The features include:

  • 4-million effective pixel CCD, 3X seamless optical zoom
  • 1-second (approximate) startup time
  • 0.01-second release time lag for virtually instantaneous recording
  • One-touch direct REC/PLAY mode access buttons
  • 0.1-second (approximate) playback image scroll time
  • 5-point Multi Auto Focus
  • Compact and elegant aluminum alloy body

"Having a camera that will react to your specific photographic situation--with 1-second power up time and the industry leading 0.01-second release lag time--means that you'll capture the image you want every time," said John Clough, president of Casio, Inc. "In addition," he said, "you'll be able to print out remarkable crystal clear 8 x 10 color prints due to the high resolution of the camera." The Casio QV-R40 combines ease of use, speed and picture clarity in a remarkable compact mini digital camera that weighs about 5.64 ounces (without batteries) and is only 3.46" W x 2.38"H x 1.29"D.

The QV-R40 is priced at .99 and will be available at retail in September. "Never before have we been able to pack so many features and functions into a compact camera at such an affordable price," said Clough. He predicted that the QV-R40 will be a hit with retailers and consumers alike due to its ease of operation, advanced functions and affordable price.


High-Resolution 4-Megapixel Images, High-Performance Optical 3X Zoom

The primary color CCD has 4.13 million total pixels for high-resolution images with fine flesh tones and detailed scenery. Seven lenses in six groups, including aspherical lenses, provide advanced 3X optical zoom capabilities. This, combined with 3.2X digital zoom, provides a combined maximum zoom factor of 9.6X.

Quick Response for Both Recording and Playback

Amazingly fast startup, shutter release, and display response provide stress-free recording and playback.

  • High-speed telescoping zoom lens and startup control has the camera ready to shoot about one second after you turn it on.
  • 0.01-second release time lag
  • 0.1-second playback image scroll time lets you scroll through large volumes of images in no time.

One-Touch Direct REC/PLAY Mode Access Buttons

Press the REC button to enter the recording mode or the PLAY button to enter the playback mode. Even when the camera is off, pressing a mode button turns it on and has you ready for recording or playback in an instant.

5-point Multi Auto Focus

The camera takes simultaneous readings at five points and automatically selects the one that provides optimal focus for the image being recorded. This ensures optimal focus for your images regardless of the way you take them.

Runs on Two Rechargeable AA-size Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries Included

The two AA-size rechargeable nickel metal hydride batteries that come with the camera provide enough power to record about 660 shots on a full charge.* If you run out of power, you can use two commercially available AA-size lithium batteries.

* Monitor screen on, flash off, continuous recording

Best Shot Mode for Instant Setups

The Best Shot Mode provides optimum camera setups in an instant. Simply select the sample scene that is similar to the image you want to record, and the camera's light metering, exposure compensation, saturation, and other settings are configured accordingly. The QV-R40 has total of 21 scenes built in, including "Coupling Shot" and "Pre Shot."

Coupling Shot

When there are only two people present, Person A composes the image of Person B against a background and presses the shutter release. This freezes the image on the monitor screen. Then they switch places, and Person B composes the final image now with Person A included. The final recorded image shows both Person A and Person B, as if the were both standing in front of the camera.

Pre Shot

With Pre Shot, you compose the background you want and press the shutter release. This freezes the background image on the monitor screen. Then you can ask someone else to record your image, using the frozen background as a composition guide. The final recorded image shows you against the background you want.

Calendar Screen

Each date of the full month calendar screen shows a thumbnail of the first image recorded on each date. This visual diary of images makes it possible for you to quickly search for and locate the image you want.

Triple Self-timer

The Triple Self-timer records three consecutive shots with a single shutter release button operation. Then you can select the best of the three and keep it.

World Time and Alarm Functions

World Time lets you select one of 162 cities in 32 time zones around the world as your home time. When traveling to another time zone, simply select the applicable city, and time and date settings are adjusted automatically. A total of three independent alarms help to make sure you are on time all the time. You can even have a specific image appear when an alarm time is reached.

Album Feature

The camera stores images in a Web browser-viewable that allows you to browse images in an album format. The album feature uses HTML format, which means you can incorporate an album directly into a Web site, and even print directly from the album.

SD/MMC Memory Card Slot, Built-in Flash Memory

In addition to its 10 MB uilt-in Flash Memory, the camera also supports use of thin, compact SD memory cards and MMC cards (not included). It is easy to copy images between the memory cards and built-in memory.

Favorites Folder Keeps Important Images Private

320×240 size images can be copied to a Favorites folder located in camera built-in memory. Images in the Favorites folder do not display during normal image playback, which means you can keep your personal images private when carrying them around in camera memory.

Bundled with PC Link Software and USB Cable

Photo Loader

Connect the bundled USB cable to your computer and start up PhotoLoader, and JPEG and AVI images are transferred automatically from the camera to your computer.


Photohands provides you with image editing capabilities for color, contrast, brightness, and other parameters. To start up Photohands, simply click the Photo Loader print button.

Acrobat Reader PDF File Viewer Adobe Systems XP, 2000, Me, 98, 95, NT4.0 PowerPC OS OS8.6 to OS X

*1: E-mail attachment is supported by the Windows version only.

*2: Windows XP users and Macintosh OS9, 10.1, 10.2 users should use the standard driver that comes with their operating system.

ExifPrint (Exif 2.2) and PRINT Image Matching II Compliant

ExifPrint (Exif 2.2) and PRINT Image Matching II support helps to make printed images look better than ever before.

USB Direct-Print Support

You can connect the camera's USB cable directly to an EPSON USB Direct-Print compatible* printer for printing without going through a computer.

*For further information about "USB Direct-Print" compatible printers, please contact Epson or visit

Casio QV-R40 Specifications

Image File Record Format
Still Images: JPEG (Exif. Ver. 2.2), DCF standard, DPOF compliant Movies: AVI (Open DML Motion JPEG standard)
Recording Medium
10MB built-in Flash memory; SD MEMORY card; MultiMedia card
Recorded Image Sizes
Still Images: 2,304 x 1,712 pixels, 2,240 x 1,680 pixels, 1,600 x 1,200 pixels, 1,280 x 960 pixels, 640 x 480 pixels
Movie: 320 x 240 pixels (15 FPS)
Approximate Image Capacity*1
Still Images Image size
QualityFile Size 10MB
 SD Card*2
2,304 x 1,712FINE1.8 MB / image 430
 NORMAL 1.4 MB / image 640
ECONOMY1.0 MB / image854
 2,240 x 1,680FINE 1.8 MB / image430
NORMAL1.4 MB / image640
ECONOMY1.0 MB / image854
1,600 x 1,200FINE1,050KB / image8 53
NORMAL710KB / image1279
ECONOMY370KB / image24154
1,280 x 960FINE680KB / image1382
NORMAL460KB / image20126
ECONOMY250KB / image 35220
640 x 480FINE190KB / image46 294
NORMAL140KB / image61 386
ECONOMY 90KB / image98 618
MoviesImage size
Quality File Size10MB
 SD Card*2
320 x 24030 seconds150 KB / second60 seconds
410 seconds
Image DeletionSingle-image; all images (with memory protection)
Effective Pixels4.0 million Pixels
Imaging Element1 / 1.8-inch primary color CCD (Approximate Total Pixels: 4.13 million)
LensF 2.8 to 4.9, f = 8 to 24 mm (equivalent to 39 to 117 mm in 35 mm film format)
Zoom3 X optical zoom, 3.2 X digital zoom, 9.6 X total zoom
FocusingContrast-type Auto Focus (AF Mode (AF Area: Spot or Multi), Macro Mode),
Infinity Mode; focus lock; manual focus
Focus Range
Normal: 60 cm to 8
Macro: 10 cm to 70 cm (W) (1 to 1.2X optical zoom available in Macro Mode.)
Manual (W): 10 cm to 8
Manual (T): 60 cm to 8
ShutterCCD electronic shutter / mechanical shutter; Shutter Speed: 1 / 8 to 1 / 2,000 second (normal); 1 to 1 / 2,000 second (night); 2 seconds fixed (fireworks); Shutter speed changes with recording mode and ISO sensitivity setting.
ApertureWide Angle: F2.8 / 4.8, auto switching; Telephoto: F4.9 / 8.4, auto switching
White BalanceAutomatic / fixed (4 modes), manual
Self-timer10 seconds, 2 seconds, Triple Self-timer
Flash ModesAUTO*3, ON, OFF, Red eye reduction
Flash Range
Wide Angle: 0.4 to 2.9 meyers ; Telephoto: 0.4 to 1.7 m
Recording ModesNormal; Best Shot*4; Movie
Monitor Screen1.6" TFT color LCD (84,940 pixels, 354 x 240)
ViewfinderLCD monitor (field of view: 100 %) ; optical viewfinder
ClockBuilt-in digital quartz clock; date and time data recorded with image; auto calendar to 2049
World Time162 cities (32 time zones) ; city name, date, current time, summer time
Input / Output
USB port (Mini-B) ; AC adaptor terminal (3 V DC)
Two rechargeable AA-size nickel metal hydride batteries ; Two AA-size lithium batteries (FR6) ; AC adapter (AD-C30)
AA-size alkaline batteries (LR8) can be used if they are the only option available. Alkaline batteries may not provide any operation when the temperature is 41°F (5°C) or lower.
Battery Life
Battery TypeNumber of Shots*5Continuous Recording Time
Nickel Metal Hydride660 (1 hour 50 minutes)3 hours 50 minutes
 *Recording Conditions:74°F (23C°), monitor screen on, flash off, continuous recording. 
*Frequency of flash operations and zoom, and the amount of time the camera is left on greatly affect the number of shots that can be recorded. For example, the following indicate the approximate number of shots under normal tempratures(74°F) (23C°), monitor on, zoom operation between full wide and full telephoto every 30 seconds, during which two images are recorded, one image with flash; power turned off and back on every time 10 images are recorded. Nickel metal hydride batteries: 220 shots; AA-side lithium batteries: 180 shots *5
3V DC Approximately 3.8W
Dimensions88(W) x 60.5(H) x 32.7(D) mm (excluding projections)
WeightApproximately 160g (excluding battery and accessories)
WeightRechargeable nickel metal hydride batteries ; Battery charger (BC-5H); Strap; USB cable; User's Guide; CD-ROM (for Windows and the Macintosh)
Software on
•Photo Loader 2.1 (Windows), Photo Loader 1.1 (Macintosh)
•Photohands 1.0 (Windows)
•USB driver 1.0 (Windows)

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