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Press Release - September 15, 2006

Argraph’s New Zigview S2 Enables SLR Real-Time LCD Viewing From Every Angle, Near and Far

Argraph Corporation, the international supplier of photographic / imaging products, is introducing the Zigview S2, which adds innovative features to the world’s first real-time digital angle viewfinders for most digital and film SLR cameras. The Zigview S2 revolutionizes SLR photography with its remote detachable 2.5 inch LCD screen, Video output, motion sensor, intervalometer, and more.

The new Zigview S2 attaches to your DSLR viewfinder and displays a live video feed from the viewfinder to its large 2.5 inch high resolution LCD screen. You can tilt and rotate the LCD for viewing at any angle, including from the front of the camera. This makes low-angle, high-angle, and now even self-portraits easier than ever.

In addition to the intervalometer and nine-zone TTL motion detection shutter release capabilities of the Zigview R, the new Zigview S2 utilizes higher resolution optics, and a highly sensitive CCD sensor with 270,000 pixels and a rapid refresh rate. Its very bright LCD finder can be viewed easily in daylight.

The Zigview S2 has NTSC/PAL video output so that the image can also be viewed on an external large TV screen or monitor. In addition, the Zigview S2’s built-in LCD monitor can be separated from the camera using an accessory video transceiver cable. This enables the photographer to view the image in the viewfinder and fire the shutter from a remote location up to 40 feet from the camera.

The Zigview S2 is particularly useful for low angle photography where you would struggle to see through the viewfinder especially with macro work, for high angle situations such as press work where it is impossible to see the subject when taking pictures over crowds, and for copy work, portrait photography, industrial, forensic, nature photography, and many other applications. Zigview makes it easy to see and shoot the subject without difficulty in these and many more situations.

Eyepiece adapters and shutter cables are available to fit most SLR cameras.

The Zigview S2, as well as the original Zigview B and Zigview R, are available from retailers nationwide.

Argraph Corporation and its subsidiaries has been a leading supplier of photographic imaging products since 1953. Headquartered in Carlstadt, NJ, Argraph offers an efficient distribution network featuring immediate delivery of over 7,000 products to retailers across the country, and around the world.

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