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PMA 2002 Report

February 26, 2002 - Day Three

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ArcSoft Announces PhotoStudio 5.0
ArcSoft Announces PhotoImpression 4.0
ArcSoft Announces Panorama Maker 3.0
Canon S9000, S900, S820 Photo Printers
Delkin eFilm 6 in 1 Reader/Writer
DIMA 2002 Digital Camera Shoot-Out Winners
DIMA 2002 Innovative Digital Product Awards
Jenoptik EyeLike Precision MF Backs
Meade Instr. Binocular w/Integrated Digicam
Minolta DiMAGE Film Scanners
SanDisk Ultra CF Cards at 44th Grammy's
SimpleTech Shows Full Line of Flash Memory
X-RiteColor Ensemble for Color Management

Image (c) 2002 Steve's Digicams


2002 DIMA Digital Camera Shoot-Out Winners Announced

Twelve digital cameras were named winners in the 2002 DIMA Digital Camera Shoot-Out today at the PMA 2002 Annual International Convention & Trade Show in Orlando, Fla., USA.

Fifty-one digital camera entries and 20 manufacturers participated in the 6th Annual DIMA Digital Camera Shoot-Out, which took place on Saturday, Feb. 23, at the DIMA Annual Conference in Orlando. The point-and-shoot cameras and prosumer/professional cameras captured images in two live-model studios, while the commercial strobe-based and scanning capture cameras captured images of two commercial product setups.

Images from the point-and-shoot cameras were printed on the Fujifilm Frontier 370 digital minilab supplied by Fuji Photo Film U.S.A. Inc., Elmsford, N.Y., USA.

Images from the prosumer/professional category were output through a PC or Mac running Adobe Photoshop 6.0 and printed in RGB on a Fujifilm Pictrography 4000 II, also provided by Fuji.

Images from the strobe-based and scanning capture commercial studio cameras were output through a Mac running Adobe PhotoShop 6.0 and printed on an Epson 10000 CMYK inkjet printer, supplied by Epson America Inc., Long Beach, Calif., USA.

Color management support for the DIMA Digital Camera Shoot-Out was provided by Gretag Macbeth, Huntington Beach, Calif.; and ITEC Colorblind, San Diego, Calif.

Professional photo equipment was supplied by Bogen Photo Corp., Ramsey, N.J., USA; Hasselblad USA, Fairfield, N.J.; and Schneider Optics, Hauppauge, N.Y. Color viewing systems providing D5000 viewing conditions were provided by GTI Graphic Technology Inc., Newburgh, N.Y. Digital media readers were supplied by Microtech International Inc., Guilford, Conn. Photo-editing software was provided by Adobe Systems Inc., San Jose, Calif. Photo trimmers were provided by Quality Mounting & Laminating Systems, North Haven, Conn.

Additional technical expertise was provided by Mark Williford, Lee Varis, Claud Jodoin, William "Spook" Bolt, and Bill Smith.

The entries were voted upon by trade attendees of PMA 2002, based on image/print quality and color accuracy.

Below are the winners of the 6th Annual DIMA Digital Camera Shoot-Out:

Point-and-Shoot Categories and Winners
Below $100
Zoran CamMini - Zoran Corp., Santa Clara, Calif., USA

$100 to $199
Toshiba PDR-M11 - Toshiba America, Irvine, Calif., USA

$200 to $299
Fuji FinePix 2600Z - Fuji Photo Film USA Inc., Elmsford, N.Y., USA

$300 to $499
Kodak EasyShare Dx4900 - Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester, N.Y., USA

$500 to $699
Epson Photo PC3100Z - Epson America Inc., Long Beach, Calif., USA

$700 to $899
Minolta DiMAGE 5 - Minolta Corp., Ramsey, N.J., USA

$900 to $1,200
Sony DSC F707 - Sony Electronics, Park Ridge, N.J., USA

Digital Video Camcorder
Sony DCR-TRV50 - Sony Electronics, Park Ridge, N.J., USA

Prosumer/Professional Categories and Winners
$1,200 to $2,499

Minolta DiMAGE 7 - Minolta Corp., Ramsey, N.J., USA

$5,000 to $9,999 (Merit Award)
Kodak DCS 760 - Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester, N.Y., USA

Commercial Strobe-Based Capture Winners
One-Shot (Merit Award)
Jenoptik Presision M6 - Jenoptik Laser Optik Systeme, New York, N.Y., USA

Commercial Scanning Capture Winners
Scanning Capture
Better Light Super 6K-2 - Better Light Inc., San Carlos, Calif., USA


2002 DIMA Innovative Digital Product Awards Announced

Out of the hundreds of digital products on display at the PMA 2002 Annual International Convention & Trade Show in Orlando, Fla., USA, 15 have been selected by digital imaging editors and writers to receive the prestigious DIMA Innovative Digital Product Award, handed out today. The annual award is one of several events sponsored by the Digital Imaging Marketing Association, a section of PMA.

An Innovative Digital Product of PMA 2002 is determined by the judges to utilize new technologies and/or applications in such a way as to make the product either unique or the first of its kind. The products are of high quality, and show themselves to be an influence on the future of digital imaging. Whether the product is hardware or software, amateur or professional, photographic or prepress, or any other segment, is irrelevant - judges were simply asked to cover the PMA Trade Show floor with an eye to the innovative.

Companies honored for their innovative digital products are:

Foveon Inc., Santa Clara, Calif., USA
Foveon X3

Sigma Corp., Ronkonkoma, N.Y., USA
Sigma SD9

Leica Camera Inc., Northvale, N.J., USA
Leica Digilux

Adobe Systems Inc., San Jose, Calif., USA
Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Minolta Corp., Ramsey, N.J., USA
Minolta DiMAGE X Digital Camera

Pixel Magic Imaging, San Marcos, Texas, USA
Pixel Magic Megapixel PhotoStation

Nikon Inc., Melville, N.Y., USA
Nikon D-100 Digital SLR

Applied Science Fiction, Austin, Texas, USA
Dry PIC Technology

Applied Science Fiction, Austin, Texas, USA
Digital ROC Software

Phogenix Imaging, San Diego, Calif., USA
Phogenix DFX Digital Inkjet Mini Lab

Concord Camera Corp., Hollywood, Fla., USA
Eye-QIR Digital Camera

Hi-Touch Imaging Technologies, Pan-Chiao City, Taiwan
D2T2 Photo Printer

Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester, N.Y., USA
Kodak ERI Extended Range Imaging Software

Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester, N.Y.
Kodak Advantix EasyShare Camera

Durst Dice America, Rochester, N.Y., USA
Durst Zeta Digital Laser Photo Printer


Canon Announces Three New Six-Color Photo Printers and Two New Four-Color Multi-Purpose Printers at PMA

New Printer Technology Provides Improved Usability, Print Speed and Quality; All New Printers Feature Canon's Individual Ink Tank System; Photo Printer with Direct Connect to Canon Digital Cameras Hits Retail

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y. February 25, 2002 Canon U.S.A., Inc., a subsidiary of Canon Inc. (NYSE: CAJ) introduces three six-color Bubble Jet printers focused at the photo imaging segment of the market and two four-color printers for the SOHO market. Additionally, the S820D direct connect photo printer, announced in October 2001 is now on sale at retail outlets. Innovative printing technologies developed by Canon will improve printer usability, print speeds and quality across the new line. Six-color photo printers added to the line include the S9000 13" x 19" Wide Format printer, the S900 and S820. New four-color Bubble Jet printers designed for the SOHO general use market include the S750 and S520.

"Consumers want printers that will deliver photo prints fast without sacrificing quality," says Ryoichi Bamba, senior vice president and general manager of Canon U.S.A. Inc. "Canon devoted significant research and development resources to address consumer needs and believes that the new S9000, S900, S820D, S820, S750 and S520 printers will meet and exceed those needs in the US market. The latest generation of Microfine Droplet Technology, industry-leading nozzle counts in our S9000 and S900 printheads and the Canon Think Tank System of Individual Ink Tanks to eliminate waste are just a few of the examples of the technology that will keep Canon the leader in the printer business."

High-Density Multi-Nozzle Printheads -- Canon has successfully increased the nozzle density and number of nozzles using the Advanced Microfine Droplet Technology'. The S520, S750, S820, S820D, S900 and S9000 all feature high-density nozzles with an actual pitch of 1200 dpi. The multi-nozzle head of the four-color S520 and S750 printers features 1,088 total nozzles. The head for the S820 and S820D photo printers features 1,536 total nozzles and the printhead in the top of the line six-color S900 and S9000 printers features an incredible 3,072 total nozzles. The S900 and S9000 have the highest ink droplet ejection frequency of all Bubble Jet printers at approximately 74 million dots per second.

Latest Generation Advanced Microfine Droplet Technology and High Intensity Inks for Long Lasting Photos -- All of the new printers, the S520, S750, S820, S820D, S900, and S9000 feature the latest generation of Canon's Advanced Microfine Droplet Technology. This revolutionary ink ejection process separates and ejects prescribed-volume ultra-fine ink droplets from the nozzles with precise accuracy. The Advanced Microfine Droplet Technology enables high-speed, high-quality printing with a high-precision, high-density multi-nozzle head. In addition, Canon printers use specially formulated inks creating sharper text and vibrant, rich colors. Using these inks and Canon's Photo Paper Pro, photos will last approximately 25 years*.

Vivid Photo Enhances Colors Beyond Monitor Capabilities -- Vivid Photo, featured on all the new printers, is a function that actively exceeds the sRGB-based color matching of conventional monitors to produce a more film-like effect. Compared with the color range of printers, the sRGB color range has a particularly narrow cyan range, affecting the green in foliage and the blues of the sea and sky. Vivid Photo greatly expands this range to bring out the true printer color reproduction capabilities without limitation of monitor matching, to produce vibrant greens and dazzling blues.

Canon Think Tank System of Individual Ink Tanks -- The S520, S750, S820, S820D, S900 and S9000 printers include Canon's hallmark feature of individual ink tanks. This is a unique technology that Canon invented, offering users a cost performance advantage, especially when printing photos. End-users only replace the individual color ink tank they have depleted which eliminates ink waste. In addition, the Canon Think Tank System has an optical ink sensor that triggers an on-screen warning so that users are alerted when the ink has run low.

PhotoRecord Software for Printing Professional Looking Photos -- The new printers ship with Canon's PhotoRecord software allowing end-users to easily crop digital photos, create albums and print photos. PhotoRecord also automatically balances color tables between images taken with a Canon digital camera and then printed on a Canon Bubble Jet printer. This is a distinct advantage for end-users who are not experienced with professional photo finishing techniques it allows their final photo prints to look like they were done in a professional lab.

Borderless Printing -- Borderless printing on all of Canon's new printers is now possible on 4" x 6" and letter size papers. This type of printing can be performed at dramatically faster printing speeds compared to competitive printers. On competitive models, the number of nozzles that can be used is limited in printing the top and bottom of the page when in borderless mode, but Canon's high-density multi-nozzle heads provide a sufficient number of nozzles and enough density to ensure high quality and fast borderless prints.

New Canon Photo Papers Canon is also debuting two additional photo paper products to support the excellent features of the new printers. All five new printers will support Photo Paper Pro 4" x 6" to create true borderless high quality photos. With a MSRP of $8.95** for 20 sheets, the Photo Paper Pro 4" x 6" paper will start shipping immediately. Photo Paper Pro 13" x 19", with a MSRP of $24.95** for 10 sheets and immediate ship date, will deliver high quality printed images for the S9000 Wide Format Photo Printer customer. Both papers provide the highest photo quality with approximately 25 years of light fastness*.

High Speed Four-Motor System and Relay Feeding -- All of the new printers incorporate a four-motor independent drive structure in which a single motor is assigned to each of the following: line-feed, carriage, auto sheet feeder, and maintenance unit. This independent control makes it possible for a high-speed and high-precision drive system. This eliminates drive switching, providing increased throughput and reduced noise. Relay feeding feeds in the next sheet of paper before the sheet being printed has been ejected. This dramatically reduces the overall time taken for continuous printing.

Precision Paper Feed Mechanism -- High-speed and consistent paper feeding is created by the outstanding auto sheet feeder that was highly acclaimed on the original S600 and subsequent S630 and S500 products. This is incorporated into all the new printers to help ensure consistent paper feeding even at high speeds regardless of paper type.

Canon Quiet Mode -- In addition to the reduced operating noise by using the 4-motor system, Canon's new printers (with the exception of the S520) feature a "Quiet Mode" setting inside of the driver. The Quiet Mode setting can achieve a greater reduction in the operating noise and can be set for specific time periods to reduce noise at night. The quiet mode setting can reduce operating noise by as much as 7 db(A) on the S820/S820D and as much as 11 db(A) on the S750.

Canon Supports New Exif Print Standard -- Canon will strive to further promote the benefits of digital photo imaging through the launch of digital camera and Bubble Jet printer products supporting the new Exif Print (Exif 2.2) standard, expected to gain acceptance as the global industry standard. Canon Bubble Jet Printers

The S9000 13" x 19" Wide Format Photo printer leads the way as Canon's flagship photo printer in the line. It incorporates the ultra high-density multi-nozzle printhead featuring 3,072 nozzles (the largest number of nozzles in its class) to achieve print speeds of approximately 29 seconds for 4" x 6" photo prints with a border, approximately one minute for 8" x 10" prints and approximately two minutes for 13" x 19" prints.

Quality from the S9000 is achieved by using the Advanced Microfine Droplet Technology with 2400 x 1200 dpi and six-color photo printing using Canon's Individual Ink Tank system and Vivid Photo. Lightfast for approximately 25 years*, photos printed from this printer rival professional photo developing. The S9000 can be used for Postscript proofing applications. A free demo CD of iProof's PowerRip 2000 for Macintosh users will be included in the printer box. Shipping in February 2002, the S9000 will have a MSRP of $499**.

The S900 printer follows the S9000 with the new printhead featuring 3,072 nozzles (the largest number of nozzles in its class) allowing for lightning fast print speeds of approximately 29 seconds for a 4" x 6" photo print with a border and approximately one minute for an 8" x 10" print with a border. Other exciting features on the S900 include the Individual Ink Tank system, latest generation Advanced MicroFine Droplet Technology and Vivid Photo. Canon's combination of high intensity ink and its Photo Paper Pro media gives prints the ability to be light-fast for approximately 25 years*. The S900 has MSRP of $399** and will be shipping in February 2002.

Advanced Precision Color Distribution Technology combined with single-pass bi-directional printing produces print speeds for the Canon S750 Bubble Jet printer of up to 20 pages per minute (PPM) in monochrome and 13 ppm for color without sacrificing print quality. New Advanced MicroFine Droplet Technology featuring 2400 x 1200 dpi in color and five-picoliter precision, along with new borderless printing capabilities ensure customers get the high standard of photo printing they expect. The S750 will replace the S630 printer currently in the line, have a MSRP of $199** and will ship in February 2002.

Announced in October 2001 and currently shipping, the S820D Bubble Jet Direct printer connects directly to two Canon PowerShot digital cameras, the PowerShot S30 and PowerShot S40, via a proprietary USB cable. This cable allows users to print directly from the camera without connecting to a computer. For those customers who want the ability to print photos directly but don't have either Canon camera, the printer has a PCMCIA Type II memory card slot so that virtually any brand camera's "digital film" can be inserted into the printer***. The optional Canon Image Viewer (MSRP of $99**) allows those customers to view their images prior to printing.

S820D six-color printing at 2400 x 1200 dpi provides borderless printing at speeds of approximately one minute for a 4" x 6" borderless photo print and approximately two minutes for an 8" x 10" photo print when printing from a computer. And when using Canon's Photo Paper Pro, the images have the ability to be lightfast for approximately 25 years.* The S820D will be shipping in February 2002 and with a MSRP of $399** including the dedicated USB cable and PCMCIA Type II CompactFlash adapter.

Rounding out Canon's printer line are the S820 and S520, replacing the award winning S800 and S500 respectively. Borderless printing from 4" x 6" up to letter size and faster printing speeds make these printers leaders in their segments. The S820 and S520 both feature the Canon Think Tank System of Individual Ink Tanks, the latest generation of Advanced MicroFine Droplet Technology, 2400 x 1200 dpi resolution in color and photo lightfastness for approximately 25 years*. The S520 also includes Precision Color Distribution Technology. MSRP for the S820 six-color photo printer is $299** while the S520 four-color Bubble Jet printer will have a MSRP of $149. Both printers are shipping in February.


SanDisk Ultra CompactFlash Cards Used to Capture the 44th Annual Grammy Awards

ORLANDO, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 25, 2002-- Official Digital Photographers for Prestigious Music Awards Select SanDisk Ultra CompactFlash Cards for Their Fast Speed, Large Capacities and Reliability.

SanDisk Corporation (Nasdaq:SNDK) today announced that ImageDirect, the preeminent provider of digital photography services to the music, entertainment and fashion industries, will use SanDisk Ultra(TM) CompactFlash(R)(CF) digital film cards to capture the action and glamour of the 44th Annual Grammy Awards broadcast on Feb. 27, 2002.

SanDisk Ultra CompactFlash cards are a new line of digital film cards specifically designed for serious digital photographers who require a fast-speed card to capture action shots or to quickly shoot many high-resolution images. ImageDirect's team of professional digital photographers will provide the digital images for the official Grammy web site ( and a variety of news services and magazines worldwide. SanDisk is showing its Ultra CompactFlash cards and other removable storage cards and accessories at its booth (#2125) at the annual Photo Marketing Association tradeshow in Orlando.

"Through the course of the Grammy Awards, we will shoot thousands of high-resolution digital images," said Frank Micelotta, president of ImageDirect and director of photography for the Grammy Awards. "We have used SanDisk's Ultra CompactFlash cards at other high profile events such as the Super Bowl XXXVI and they have worked flawlessly. The SanDisk Ultra cards offer an ideal combination of speed and performance so we don't miss a shot."

"It's great to have a world-class photo agency like ImageDirect standardize on the SanDisk Ultra CompactFlash cards," said Nelson Chan, senior vice president and general manager of SanDisk's retail business unit. "Whether you're a digital photography enthusiast or a professional shooter, we are confident that the Ultra CompactFlash cards will deliver the performance you need to take great pictures."

SanDisk Ultra CF cards have a sustained write speed of up to 2.8 megabytes (MB) per second or more than twice the sustained write speed of SanDisk's standard CF products. They are available in the popular Type I CompactFlash form factor.

SanDisk Ultra CompactFlash cards are fully compatible and interchangeable with all CompactFlash digital cameras, CF card readers and adapters and are available in capacities ranging from 128 to 512 megabytes. Approximate street prices for SanDisk Ultra CF cards in that capacity range from $100 to $450 and reflect a modest premium over SanDisk's standard CF cards.


Minolta's Full Line Of Film Scanners Puts The Power Of Scanning Into Everyone's Hands

With Minolta's DiMAGE Scan Multi PRO and the new DiMAGE Scan Elite II, as well as the Dimâge Scan Multi II and Dimâge Scan Dual II, Minolta makes quality film scanning accessible to everyone

ORLANDO, FL (February 23, 2002) - Minolta Corporation has a full line of unique film scanners to meet the needs of every photo enthusiast.

"Minolta is putting the power of film scanning in everyone's hands," said Jon Sienkiewicz, vice president, digital imaging products at Minolta Corporation's Consumer Products Group. "With the high resolution and Digital ICE3TM capabilities of the DiMAGE Scan Multi PRO and DiMAGE Scan Elite II, along with the Dimâge Scan Multi II and the Dimâge Scan Dual II, Minolta has developed a line of film scanners which meets the varied demands of today's consumers' imaging needs and budgets."

Minolta DiMAGE Scan Multi PRO

Minolta's new multi format, high-speed dual interface (Ultra SCSI and IEEE1394 "FireWire"), compact film scanner, DiMAGE Scan Multi PRO features high-resolution 4,800 dpi scans with 16-bit A/D conversion and a 4.8 dynamic range, along with precision autofocus and Color Matching systems, that preserves subtle tones and details.

With Applied Science FictionTM's (ASF TM) Digital ICE3 (pronounced Digital ICE "cubed") technology incorporated in the Minolta DiMAGE Scan Multi PRO, users save time and money by producing professional-quality images without resorting to time-consuming digital retouching, or by hiring outside digital service bureaus. This technology eliminates scratches on photographic film or slides, restores faded colors and improves on a photograph's overall appearance by minimizing grain, quickly and automatically, during the scanning process, saving hours of manual work.

The Minolta DiMAGE Scan Multi PRO is designed to scan 35mm and medium-format (120/220) films, while an optional Multi Format Set enables scanning of Transparent Electronic Microscope (TEM) film, microfilm in aperture cards, 16mm film, Minox, and 24 x 65mm panoramic format.

The scanner's driver software controls professional scanning with ease with its graphic user interface. It allows a variety of flexible image corrections, while keeping the quality of the scanned images high.

Minolta DiMAGE Scan Elite II

Easy enough for amateurs to use yet powerful enough to please demanding advanced amateurs and professionals, the new DiMAGE Scan Elite II provides an economical and versatile way to scan, digitize and quickly restore 35mm and Advanced Photo System (APS) film.

The new Minolta DiMAGE Scan Elite II is a dual-format, plug-and-play dual interface (USB and IEEE 1394 "FireWire"), compact film scanner featuring high-resolution 2,820 dpi scans with 16-bit A/D conversion and a 4.8 dynamic range that accurately preserves subtle tones and details in scanned images. With superior autofocus and Minolta's Color Matching systems, images are clear and detailed.

Designed for both novices and advanced users, the user-friendly DiMAGE Scan Elite II driver software offers flexible scanning control. Minolta's Easy Scan Utility will allow new users to fully automate the scanning process, while advanced image manipulations can be achieved step by step. And users at all levels will appreciate the bundled Adobe Photoshop Elements software.

With ASF's Digital ICE3 technology incorporated in the Minolta DiMAGE Scan Elite II, users save time and money by producing professional-quality images without resorting to time-consuming digital retouching, or by hiring outside digital service bureaus.

Minolta Dimâge Scan Multi II

For professionals looking for the ultimate scanning tool, Minolta offers the Dimâge Scan Multi II, an affordable multi-format film scanner. The Dimâge Scan Multi II combines revolutionary technology, high-resolution quality, fast scan times and medium format and Advanced Photo System capabilities to offer a scanner that can quickly and easily scan all of the popular roll film formats.

The Minolta Dimâge Scan Multi II, with precision autofocus and Color Matching systems, offers the finest image quality of any film scanner in its class. It produces images with a maximum 2,820 dpi for 35mm and APS film, and 2,820 dpi for medium format and other film using software interpolation and by increasing the horizontal scanning pitch.

Correcting faded colors and graininess have plagued professionals as a painstaking and time-consuming process. The Dimâge Scan Multi II lets users solve these problems with the least possible work and time using two software technologies from Applied Science Fiction. Digital ROCTM automatically restores an image's original colors by analyzing the base image and applying corrections to the faded colors. By analyzing and reducing the grain caused by the film emulsion, Digital GEMTM automatically enhances the clarity of a scanned image while preserving its colors, gradations and sharpness.

Minolta Dimâge Scan Dual II

The Dimâge Scan Dual II combines a plug and play, hot swapping USB interface with easy-to-use and versatile scanning features that produce high-quality images.

The Dimâge Scan Dual II's high-resolution 2,820 dpi scans with 12-bit A/D conversion, combined with precision autofocus and Color Matching systems, deliver superior quality images. The Minolta Easy Scan Utility, newly designed stand-alone software, allows uncomplicated scanning for first-time users. The scanner automatically uses the center of the image to determine focus. In addition to standard autofocusing, the Point AF function allows autofocus to be used on a desired area of the image, while Manual Focus can be used for producing creative images or slightly defocusing them to reduce a grainy appearance.

For more advanced image scanning and corrections, the Dimâge Scan Dual II can be configured using the Utility software or as a PhotoShop plug-in or TWAIN scanner. This scanner provides other convenient features such as continuous scanning and automatic image correction.

The navigation function in the Dimâge Scan Dual II is a system that automates the scanning procedure. By simply checking the box of a desired operation and starting the function, the scanning flow process activates and it takes users step by step through the settings process. Combine this with continuous scanning and the procedure can be more simplified. When scanning APS film the procedure for an entire roll of film can be automated from index scan through rewind, with minimum manual operation for selecting frames.

The popular Snap Shot function enables the user to temporarily save various corrections for each pre-scanned image and compare them quickly.


JENOPTIK L.O.S. Presents Eyelike Precision at PMA 2002

Jenoptik eyeLike MF

At this year's PMA (booth 2187) in Orlando/USA, JENOPTIK Laser, Optik, Systeme GmbH launches its new product line labeled eyelike precision. From the entry-level eyelike precision M6 with the well-known 6m pixel CCD to the eyelike precision M11 equipped with the new Philips 10.7m pixel sensor and the eyelike precision M16 with Kodak's 16m pixel CCD, JENOPTIK offers the right product for every application in professional photography.

All three camera backs come with two-level active cooling, that drastically reduces noise and produces superior image quality, as well as with JENOPTIK`s microscan technology.

With the hardware-antimoiré feature in 1-shot-plus mode the photographer can eliminate moiré in still and moving objects already during capturing on the set, avoiding cost intensive retouching.

Applying the 4-shot mode for intricate still life shoots, every pixel captures the full color information - eliminating interpolation that usually reduces contrast and causes moiré in 1-shot mode. This option is a major advantage against pure 1-shot cameras from other manufacturers.

Ultimately, in 16-shot mode the photographer can even capture the image's finest details and achieve high resolution files for all kinds of printing processes.

Measuring only 76 x 90 x 67 mm, eyelike precision is the most compact digital back with miscroscan-capability in the market and makes it the ideal solution for portable use.

Systems Integration

As known from the eyelike MF the eyelike precision backs can be attached to almost every medium format camera, including Mamiya 645 AF and Contax 645. In addition, a Hasselblad adapter makes them suitable for use with any view camera. Also with the Hasselblad adapter the Horseman Digiflex can especially used for wide-angle shoots with the full range of Nikon lenses.

An unique adapter allows for precise adjustment to the respective body and for quick and easy switching between cameras.

Interface and Software

All eyelike precision backs feature computer-connection through an IEEE1394 – or FireWire – cable, that also supplies the camera back with power. Connected to an Apple Powerbook the camera can be taken on location while still providing the same features – including 16-shot – as in the studio.

The eyelike precision's software is based on JENOPTIK`s proprietary product (eyelike MF) and provides the same exquisite color reproduction. With this software all parameters such as gradation, gray balance, filters and the cropped image size can be stored. The software is compatible with Macintosh's OS X.

The professional photographer is provided with a fast and crisp live image so he can adjust focus and detail without switching the backs.


Eyelike precision backs are available in the following versions

  • 1-shot
  • 1-shot and 1-shot plus (including hardware antimoiré)
  • 1-shot and 1-shot plus and 4-shot
  • 1-shot and 1-shot plus and 4-shot and 16 shot
They all can be upgraded – similar to the eyelike MF – to the next level, giving the professional photographer the camera back of his choice.

Summary of Technical Data:


eyelike precision M6

eyelike precision M11

eyelike precision M16


24x36 mm², Peltier cooled with on-chip color mosaic-mask (RGB Bayer pattern)

24x36 mm², Peltier cooled with on-chip color mosaic-mask (RGB Bayer pattern)

36,7x36,7 mm², Peltier cooled with on-chip color mosaic-mask (RGB Bayer pattern)

Pixel pitch:

12µm x 12 µm

9µm x 9µm

9µm x 9µm


3x14 bit RGB

3072 x 2048 Pixel (1/4 shot)

6144 x 4096 Pixel (16 shot)

3x14 bit RGB

4000 x 2672 Pixel (1/4 shot)

8000 x 5344 Pixel (16 shot)

3x14 bit RGB

4080 x 4080 Pixel (1/4 shot)

8160 x 8160 Pixel (16 shot)

File size:

18 MB ( 1-shot 24 bit) to 144 MB (16-shot, 48 bit)


31 MB (1-shot 24 bit) to 244 MB (16-shot 48 bit)

48 MB (1-shot 24 bit) to 381 MB (16 shot 48 bit)


High Quality One Shot, approx. 1 image per second


High Quality One Shot, approx. 1 image every 2 seconds

High Quality One shot, approx. 1 image every 2,5 seconds

Dimensions (HxWxD):

76 x 90 x 67 mm


590 g

Exposure Times:

1/1000 to 32 seconds

Release Modes:

shutter release on camera body and computer


stand-alone software for Macintosh, optimised memory handling, supports ICC profiles, offline- and batch processing, workflow-oriented processing

Computer interface:

firewire cabel (10m)


Contax 645, Hasselblad, Mamiya 645, Mamiya 645 AF, Mamiya RZ, Rollei 6008 integral, Rollei 6008E, Rollei 6003 professional, Rollei 6001 professional, Zensa Bronica ETR, Fuji GX 680, Horseman Digiflex;

with Hasselblad adapter to most of the view cameras

System Requirements

Apple G4 with AGP graphicsboard or Apple Powerbook G3 or better/ higher, Mac OS 9.0 or better/ higher; firewire interface, 24 bit graphicsboard, RAM: depending on model


X-Rite Teams With Monaco Systems to Create Unique X-RiteColor Ensemble Solutions for Color Management

ORLANDO, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 25, 2002-- X-Rite, Incorporated (Nasdaq/NMS:XRIT) and Monaco Systems, Inc. announce they have teamed up once again to provide winning solutions for advanced color profiling. New X-RiteColor(R) Ensemble Solutions featuring Monaco's acclaimed MonacoPROOF color management solution and X-Rite's award winning color measurement instruments will now be available directly from X-Rite. Both companies are exhibiting here at PMA 2002 plus Quick Print 2002, (Monaco booth #1229) and (X-Rite # 819). The X-RiteColor Ensemble will also be showcased at the PrintNation (a division of Pitman) booth #1974.

"As digital proofing continues to rise in acceptance, the demand for tightly integrated color management solutions is increasing. Users often struggle with putting together disparate color management solutions, which is time consuming and costly. X-RiteColor Ensemble Solutions eliminate the headaches involved in piecing together color management by providing the industry's most reliable, accurate and cost-effective tools and software in a simple, affordable package," explains Bill Owens, Worldwide Product Marketing Manager for Digital Imaging, Photo and Medical for X-Rite.

"Monaco Systems is committed to providing customers with accurate color matching and predictability," says Bonnie Fladung, Director of Marketing of Monaco Systems, Inc. "We have joined forces with X-Rite to assemble an affordable solution, integrating proven technologies in the professional imaging markets. X-Rite's historic focus on quality hardware development coupled with Monaco's continuing drive to develop state-of-the-art technologies in color management software will raise the standard for color solutions to new levels."

The special X-RiteColor Ensemble Solutions bundles MonacoPROOF with X-Rite's Monitor Optimizer and DTP41 AutoScan Spectrophotometer, providing users with a powerful, easy-to-use and highly accurate color management solution. With X-RiteColor Ensemble instruments DTP41UV and Monitor Optimizer, users can take advantage of the fastest, most affordable and accurate method to ensure color consistency and accuracy for digital output. The DTP41 Auto-Scanning Spectrophotometer provides single-button operation and automation, and is capable of measuring over 900 color patches in under ten minutes. Professionals can print a test image using MonacoPROOF, and scan it with the DTP41 to maintain consistent, accurate color levels. Monitor Optimizer assures on-screen color accuracy.

MonacoPROOF is the choice of digital color professionals for creating high quality ICC profiles for monitors as well as input and output devices. This innovative profiling solution has an intuitive, wizard-like interface that quickly and easily steps users through the process of profiling all their devices. When customization is required, powerful editing tools standard with MonacoPROOF allow the user to easily make adjustments to fit specific profiling requirements. MonacoPROOF's powerful features and high quality profiles provide a great value for the professional digital color environment found in reprographic shops, photo labs, commercial photographers and print shops.

X-RiteColor Ensemble Color Management Solutions specially priced at $3,500 and $3,600 (US), offers users a saving of $1300 off MRSP (as compared to individual purchase). For more information on this bundle, or to purchase X-RiteColor Ensemble for Color Management Solutions visit:


Meade Instruments to Introduce Revolutionary Binocular With Integrated Digital Camera At PMA 2002

IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 21, 2002-- Meade Instruments Corp. (Nasdaq NM: MEAD) today announced that it will introduce CaptureView(TM) -- a revolutionary binocular featuring a built-in digital camera -- at PMA 2002, the annual convention of the Photo Marketing Association International to be held this year on February 24th - 27th in Orlando, Fla.

CaptureView(TM) combines a full-function 8X22 folding-roof prism binocular with an integrated digital camera capable of storing up to forty 640X480 resolution pictures (as well as hundreds at a lower resolution). Utilizing software provided with the product, a user can download the images to a PC to be printed or e-mailed. According to Brent Blaine, Vice President of Sports Optics at Meade Instruments, CaptureView(TM) will be available in spring 2002 and is expected to sell for approximately $100 at retail.

"Early indications of interest from our retail partners suggest that CaptureView(TM) is ground-breaking in the field of consumer optics," said Blaine. "In particular, we believe that with its digital imaging capabilities, CaptureView(TM) has the potential to expand measurably the worldwide market for binoculars -- whose buyers include sports enthusiasts of every description."


SimpleTech to Showcase Full Line of Flash Memory and Storage Solutions At the PMA Trade Show in Orlando; New Keychain-Size FlashLink Reader Will be Unveiled

SANTA ANA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 22, 2002-- SimpleTech, Inc. (Nasdaq:STEC), a technology solutions provider offering products based on DRAM, SRAM and flash technologies, will showcase a broad array of high-density flash memory and storage solutions, as well as unveil new products for photographers attending the Photo Marketing Association (PMA) trade show opening on February 24 in Orlando, Florida.

SimpleTech, whose products are currently featured at the Canon Imaging Center in Salt Lake City for photographers covering the Olympic Games, offers a full line of high-quality CompactFlash, MultiMediaCards, SmartMedia and Secure Digital cards with industry-high capacities of 1GB CompactFlash cards available through resellers and retailers.

At PMA, the company will unveil a new line of keychain-sized flash readers. These sleek and miniature FlashLink(TM) readers will accommodate the full line of flash cards available and are designed to simplify the storage and transfer of images, music and data between digital cameras, video cameras, MP3 players and desktop or notebook computers.

The readers are fully compatible with Windows 95+ and MacOS 8.1+, plugging directly into any USB port thereby eliminating the need for cables, batteries or an external power source. A key feature is data transfer at rates up to 30 times faster than standard serial connections or floppy disks.

"Small enough to fit easily into the palm of one hand and weighing less than one ounce, these keychain readers can be easily transported in your pocket," stated Dave Abbott, SimpleTech's Flash Product Marketing Manager.

"The message we want to send to PMA attendees is that SimpleTech is more than a provider of flash cards and accessories," said Jeanclaude Toma, the company's vice president, marketing. "Our goal is to provide complete at-home or on-the-go memory, storage and transfer solutions for photographers working in an increasingly complex business environment."


Delkin Introduces New Products At PMA

PMA 2002 - Booth #3404 - POWAY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 22, 2002-- Delkin Devices, a leading US manufacturer of high performance specialty memory products and accessories since 1986, will introduce its new eFilm(TM) 6 in 1 Reader/Writer at the PMA Show in Orlando, Florida (Feb 24-27, Booth #3404). Delkin has long maintained one of the most comprehensive product lines of Flash Memory Cards and accessories in the Digital Imaging Industry. They recently added new rapid transfer PC adapters in Sony MemoryStick and MMC/SD formats and an economic line of eFilm Reader/Writers which retail for as low as $29.99. eFilm Reader/Writers have become very popular with the photography enthusiast looking for a fast and easy way to transfer pictures from a camera to a computer without using batteries. Delkin also announced that all their eFilm Reader/Writers will be packaged with OnDVD 1.5 software. With OnDVD, you can create digital family photo albums that can be played right on your DVD.

Most Readers/Writers on the market are designed to read specific flash memory card formats, but the new eFilm 6 in 1 is one of the industry's first single unit connectivity devices able to read and write six different types of memory cards -- CompactFlash, IBM Microdrive, SmartMedia, MultiMediaCard, SD, and Sony MemoryStick. Delkin will be releasing the external 6 in 1 Reader/Writer as eFilm Reader-18 and their internal version as Reader-19. The Readers are USB Mass Storage Compliant and drivers are not required for either Windows Millennium or XP (drivers are included for Mac OS 8.6-9 and both Windows 98 and 2000.)

Features of the 6 in 1 include concurrent access of CF and any one of SD/MMC/MS/SM at a time, while also allowing you the option to suspend and resume. The 6 in 1 supports a DFU feature (Device Firmware Upgradeable). Firmware can be upgraded dynamically at any time so product enhancement through future firmware version is possible.


ArcSoft Announces PhotoStudio 5.0 Availability; Program Enables Manufacturers to Offer High Quality Image Editing at an Affordable Price

ORLANDO, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 25, 2002-- ArcSoft Inc., a leading provider of software for digital media creation, enhancement, management, presentation and distribution, today announced the availability of PhotoStudio(R) 5.0, a significantly upgraded version of its flagship image-editing program. PhotoStudio 5.0 enables computer system, digital camera, scanner, printer and consumables vendors to offer their customers a powerful, easy-to-use solution for developing high-impact images at an affordable price.

"Today's consumers and photo enthusiasts are looking for software that helps them to quickly and easily maximize their digital imaging devices," said Chris Bethell, ArcSoft director of marketing. "PhotoStudio enables manufacturers to address this need by providing a one-stop solution that allows people to retouch, manage, print and share photos from one easy-to-use, affordable program."

In addition to the project-oriented approach and intuitive interface that has defined PhotoStudio, enhanced features include 48-bit image support; multi-photo scanning and auto-cropping; file importation and saving from/to removable media, including batch file conversion and naming; and the a new "Magic Cut" tool, which makes creating, copying and pasting transparent images easier than ever.

The program encourages experimentation with tools like Clone, Red-eye Removal, Stitch and Gradient Fill. Users can work with transparent backgrounds, multiple layers, editable text, multiple undo/redo and a variety of other editing and retouching tools. With the Macro feature, PhotoStudio users can create and save a series of effects and enhancements as a single command, enabling the application of a batch process on hundreds of images with a single click. Various special effects are also included, allowing users to twist, smudge, emboss and ripple images. PhotoStudio's customizable desktop makes the workspace adjustable to user preferences, optimizing the learning curve by allowing more complex features and palettes to be hidden or minimized until users are ready to access them.


ArcSoft's Panorama Maker 3.0: Stunning Panoramic Images in Minutes; Enhanced Program Provides the Easiest Way to Create Panoramas for Retail, Travel, eCommerce and Personal Use

ORLANDO, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 25, 2002-- ArcSoft Inc., a leading provider of software for digital media creation, enhancement, management, presentation and distribution, today announced the release of Panorama Maker(TM) 3.0, an upgraded version of its popular program that transforms a series of photos into seamless panoramic images. Panorama Maker 3.0 enables computer system, digital camera, scanner, printer and consumables vendors to offer their customers the ability to create panoramic images in minutes. The program features an intuitive interface, enhanced automated stitching technologies, powerful photo-editing tools and various export options.

"Manufacturers are looking to include more functionality in their digital imaging devices," says Jonathan Snyder, ArcSoft product manager. "Panorama Maker enables them to offer even the most novice user the ability to create a range of panoramic images for business or personal use -- all in a matter of minutes."

To create a panorama, images can be acquired directly from any TWAIN-compliant device, or from files stored on a hard drive, floppy disk, CD or other removable media. After users drag and drop photos onto the Storyboard, Panorama Maker automatically matches the overlapping areas of the photos to quickly and seamlessly stitch them together.

Panorama Maker's automated photo warping, alignment and color blending save time and produce high-quality results. In addition, the program's manual adjust controls allow the user to refine complicated stitches by hand for enhanced control. New enhancements provide automatic de-ghosting, advanced color enhancing and improved 360(Degree) wrapping for superior quality in the least amount of time.

A built-in photo album allows users to open, manage and preview photos and panoramas on the desktop. The editing tools let users adjust brightness and contrast, crop and rotate before or after creating a panorama.

Panorama Maker 3.0 is faster and more accurate than other stitching products on the market and provides a variety of panorama options, including:

  • Horizontal Panoramas -- Users can create visually striking landscape panoramas from a series of side-by-side photos. Ideal for photos of sunsets, crowds, landscapes, athletic events, or anything too long to fit in a single frame.

  • Vertical Panoramas -- Allows users to build vertical panoramas from a series of top-to-bottom photos. The vertical option is perfect for shots of tall landmarks, commercial real estate, or anything else too tall to fit into a single frame.

  • Tile-style Panoramas -- Users can quickly make a large image from a series of smaller ones in a tile-like order. This type of panorama works well for creating a high-resolution photo from a series of low-resolution originals or for creating fish-eye effects without expensive lenses or professional know-how.

  • 360-degree Panoramas -- Enables people to easily create surround-view 360-degree files. This type of panorama is perfect for showcasing products and locations over the Web. These panoramas can be viewed using the standard QuickTime player or by using VRML plug-ins for Web browsers.
The program includes a wide variety of ways to share panoramas. For example, users can save panoramas in popular image file formats (JPEG, BMP, TIF, etc.), output HTML or QuickTime files to post a panorama on the Web, copy panoramas to presentations and other documents, or print panoramas on a single page, multiple pages or Z-fold banner paper.


ArcSoft PhotoImpression 4.0: Image Editing Made Easier than Ever; Industry's Easiest-to-Use Interface Supported by Complete Photo-Editing and Enhancement Tools

ORLANDO, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 25, 2002-- ArcSoft Inc., a leading provider of software for digital media creation, enhancement, management, presentation and distribution, today announced significant upgrades to its popular PhotoImpression(TM) program. This streamlined version of the company's award-winning PhotoStudio(R) product enables computer system, digital camera, scanner, printer and consumables vendors to offer their customers the ability to edit and manage photos more easily than ever before. Version 4.0 will include multiple image and page printing capabilities; auto crop and rotation functionality; advanced text editing; an "Explorer" view for image browsing and previewing; and wallpaper and screen saver creation capabilities.

"ArcSoft has always been dedicated to providing an environment in which users can interact with images without needing to become a technical, photographic expert," said Chris Bethell, ArcSoft director of marketing. "PhotoImpression 4.0 is ideal for the first-time digital camera buyer, to the small-business person looking to quickly create a professional looking presentation."

The intuitive program includes photo-editing and retouching tools that give users the ability to easily edit and manage photos. Layering capabilities allow users to apply special effects and enhancements to each image layer without affecting other layers, making it easy to change or alter edits at any time. PhotoImpression includes a library of templates and frames to enhance edited photos. Full directory browsing and thumbnail previewing essentially turn the entire desktop into a photo album, making it easy to find and select images for manipulation or presentation construction.

After photo editing is complete, the program offers several output options ideal for presentation. These options enable image integration beyond the application and into the user desktop -- album screen savers and wallpaper can both be created and formatted within PhotoImpression. Image print modes include single, multiple and thumbnail printing. This maximizes print flexibility for creating high quality photographs, including greeting cards and calendars, or quick-reference contact sheets. PhotoImpression 4.0 can automatically resize, format and orient images for printing. Multiple pages can be previewed and printed at one time.

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