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February 25, 2002 - Day Two

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Canon Intros Cameras, Scanners & Printers
HP Enters Consumer Photofinishing Market
Kyocera/Contax N Digital Hands-On
NixVue Vista, Portable Image Storage/Viewer
Pentax DigiBino DB-100
Samsung Sampling 2Gb Flash Memory to Lexar
SiPix SC-2300 Feature-Rich 2.1MP Camera at $179
SiPix Blink - Wearable Tiny, Go Anywhere Digicam

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The Pentax DigiBino DB100 A New Horizon In Digital Imaging

Pentax DB-100

DENVER, Colorado . . . More than a pair of binoculars. More than just a digital camera. More, in fact, than the combination of both. The new PENTAX DIGIBINO DB100 is the world's first digital camera binocular. It allows you to view distant images clearly with 7X magnification, and gives you the revolutionary ability to capture what you see with high-level digital precision. Ideal for birdwatchers, outdoorsman, sportsfans or anyone looking to capture images electronically that are normally seen with a pair of binoculars.

In focusing, the DIGIBINO DB100 surpasses the capabilities of a conventional camera. It achieves fast focus, even when using super telephoto settings, and it achieves a level of precision equal to conventional binoculars. The DIGIBINO DB100 provides more options after images have been captured, with the convenience of video output and versatile USB compatibility.

Major features of the DIGIBINO DB100:

The power of 800,000 pixels and 7X magnification

With a 1/3 inch progressive CCD and 800,000 pixels, the DIGIBINO DB100 captures distant objects with precision. Such imaging excellence also means that images can later be enlarged while still retaining impressive clarity. PENTAX advanced digital technology also allows the DIGIBINO DB100 to achieve impressive 7X magnification equivalent to a 280mm lens in 35mm format.

The DIGIBINO DB100 is equipped with a progressive CCD, which allows high-speed shutter release that can be advantageous when capturing fast-moving subjects.

With 16MB of built-in Flash memory, the DIGIBINO DB100 is capable of recording and storing up to 100 pictures in Fine mode. Capacity of this kind has done away with the need for external memory.

All images can be easily stored as JPEG files - a space-efficient format that retains a high level of image quality and is compatible with a wide range of computer applications.

Precision 1.6 inch LCD panel

The DIGIBINO DB100 offers traditional binocular-style viewing. It also incorporates a handy 1.6 inch LCD panel, which allows one clear view of your subject and assists when composing shots for recording.

An impressive range of shutter speeds from 1/8000 - 1/30 sec.

The DIGIBINO DB100 is exceptionally useful in a variety of situations. For those wishing to view and record distant scenery or low-light subjects, exposure speeds as slow as 1/30 sec. offer high-level versatility. For those wishing to capture wildlife and other moving subjects, the DIGIBINO DB100 also has shutter speeds up to 1/8000 sec.

USB compatibility gives the DIGIBINO DB100 maximum versatility. It allows you to import recorded images with ease into a range of popular computer applications, or even send shots effortlessly via e-mail.

Recorded images can be easily viewed at any time on the 1.6 inch LCD screen. For additional versatility, the DB100 can also be connected to a TV.

Manual focus allows greater control and makes it easy to place greater emphasis on any subject within the field of view. For added convenience, focal adjustment on the binoculars is linked with that of the camera.

The DIGIBINO DB100 can be powered by two AA size lithium, or AA size nickel-hydride batteries. It is also compatible with lithium CR-V3 batteries for further convenience. Such battery sizes are available virtually anywhere, making the DIGIBINO DB100 ideal for use when traveling.

For additional ease of use, the DIGIBINO DB100 offers auto exposure. Not only does this achieve combinations of aperture and shutter that fit the subject, it also gives the user the freedom to concentrate on viewing and composition.

Fully automatic, through the lens White Balance means that the DIGIBINO DB100 is not confined to use outdoors. In fact, this additional advantage means that a natural range of colors can be preserved when shooting in various different kinds of light.

Capture the action with five frames per second shooting up to a maximum of ten frames

The DIGIBINO DB100 is invaluable for the wildlife enthusiast, the sports spectator, or indeed anyone wishing to capture distant action. It even offers continuous shooting of up to ten frames at five frames per second, allowing you to capture instances of action, frame by frame.

The DIGIBINO DB100 is excellent for viewing and recording distant scenes and action. Its capabilities, however, are appreciated up close as well with the viewing and capture of subjects just two meters away.

PENTAX Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Asahi Optical Company, Ltd., of Japan. Corporate headquarters are located in Englewood, Colorado. PENTAX markets cameras, lenses, sport optics, surveying equipment, closed circuit television lenses, and a wide range of specialized lenses and accessories.


Type: Roof prism type binoculars with built-in digital still camera, binocular-linked focusing, auto exposure, center focusing.
Lens: PENTAX 37mm (equivalent to 280mm in 35mm format) f/4.0.
Objective lens: 2 elements in 1 group
Eyepiece lens: 3 elements in 2 groups
Binocular agnification: 7X
Objective Lens Diameter: 17mm x 14mm
Real Field of View: 7.1
Apparent Field of View: 50
Field of View at 1000m: 124m
Field of View at 1000 yards: 372 ft.
Exit Pupil: 2.4mm x 2.0mm
Eye Relief: 11mm
Relative Brightness: 5
Diopter Adjustment Range: -5m-1 to +3m-1
Eye Width Adjustment Range: 2.2 in. - 2.8 in. (57mm - 72mm).
Focusing Range: Approx. 6.6 ft. to infinity (Approx. 2m to infinity).
Eyepiece: Rigid type.
Effective Pixels: 0.8 megapixel
Sensor: 0.85 megapixel (total pixels)
1/3 inch progressive CCD
Recorded Pixels: Still - 1024 x 768 pixels, 640 x 480 pixels.
Sensitivity: Auto (equivalent to ISO100 - 1600).
File Formats: Still - JPEG (Exif 2.1), DCF.
Quality Levels: "Fine", "Normal", "Basic".
Storage Media: Internal memory 16MB.
Digital Zoom: 1.6X, 3.3X
Focusing System:
Type: Binocular-linked focusing system.
Focusing Range: Binoculars & camera: 6.6 ft. (2m) to infinity.
Focusing Indicator: Cross hair in binocular field of view.
Exposure Control:
Metering System TTL metering center-weighted metering.
Exposure Modes: Programmed auto exposure.
Shutter: Programmed AE CCD electronic shutter.
Shutter speed: approx. 1/8000 sec. to 1/30 sec.
Drive Modes: One shot, Continuous (max. 10 shots at 5 shots/sec., Fine image).
White Balance: TTL auto.
Optical Viewfinder: Binoculars (diopter adjustment from -5m-1 to +3m-1).
LCD Monitor: 1.6 inch, D-TFT color LCD.
LCD Function: Nine-image and 1X-3.3X (soft zoom) magnification available in playback mode.
Interfaces: Video output terminal, USB terminal.
Video Output: NTSC format model or PAL format model.
Power Sources: Two AA size alkaline batteries, two AA nickel-hydride rechargeable batteries, one lithium battery (CR-V3 type).
Body Color: Silver
Dimensions: 5.0 (W) x 2.7 (H) x 1.7 (D) inches
(127mm x 69mm x 44mm)
Thickness: 1.7 in. (44mm).


Kyocera/Contax N Digital Much Closer To Shipping

Contax N Digital, photo (c) 2002 Steve's Digicams

We got a hands-on with the Kyocera/Contax N Digital today, unlike the non-functioning mock up we saw at PMA 2001 this one was fully functional. This camera has the look and feel of a top quality 35mm SLR and seeing as how it will probably be the first, full-frame digital SLR on the market, it is sure to attract attention. It will undoubtedly be more expensive than other digital SLRs (expected to be over $7000) but when matched with the Carl Zeiss lenses (also very expensive) it should be a stellar performer. Time will tell for sure. Unfortunately we couldn't grab any sample photos as Contax said it wasn't final firmware and didn't want pictures posted until everything was in final shipping configuration. Look for more news on the N Digital in the next month or two as we were assured that as soon as their current production delays were cleared that the camera would begin shipping.


JOBO Phototechnic Announces NixVue Vista Products

24 February 2002, PMA 2002, Orlando, Florida - JOBO Phototechnic, Inc. Announces New Vista Range of Products at the PMA 2002 Show in Orlando, Florida.

NixVue Vista JOBO Phototechnics, Inc. is proud to announce the Vista, the newest product from the manufacturers of the highly successful NixVue Digital Album. JOBO today announced the introduction of a new rnage of products aimed squarely at the digital camera user market. The Vista (for Visual Storage Album) allows the digital camera user to quickly store huge quantities of images to a battery-opeerated device. Once transferred, the user can quickly view, organize and even print these images without the need for a personal computer.

Beyond Storage

The Vista goes beyond transferring and storing of your digital camera images. With it you can view these images on the built-in color LCD panel any time, any place. The powerful operating system allows you to perform file operations without having to resort to connecting to a personal computer. copy, cut and paste files and directories quickly and easily using the ergonomically designed navigation buttons. You can even copy images back to the memory card if you so desire to.

The Vista can also be connected to just about any TV set or projection system in the world using the built-in composite video jack with user-selectable NTSC or PAL output. This is great for showing off your pictures at family gatherings as well as for sales and marketing presentations. You can even control the pace of the presentation by using the wireless IR remote controller unit.

NixVue Vista

Starting from an MSRP of $499, the Vista is available in 5, 10, 20 and 30GB hard disk capacities. It has built-in support for USB 1.1 connectivity for PCs and Macintosh. and CompactFlash Type I and II devices. SmartMedia, Memory Stick, MultiMedia Card, Secure Digital via optional CF adapters. Includes 1300mAH lithium rechargeable battery for up to 30 transfers of 64MB memory cards. Universal AC adapter 110/220-240V. 5.7 x 3.2 x 1.1 inches, weight 10 ounces.

Also available is the optional Printer Jack interface. This attachment allows you to connect to the parallel port and output to popular photo-quality ink-jet printers from HP and Epson.

The Vista is designed to accomodate up-coming peripherals and standards such as IEEE-1394 FireWire, USB 2.0 and Ethernet connectivity. For the audiophile, there is also an attachment to play MP3 files. ETA on these modules is TBA.

Supports Windows 98, SE, ME, 2000, XP and Macintosh 9.1 and above and Linux.


Some More Pricing Information

Fujifilm has set the price for the new Fujifilm FinePix S602 Zoom
FinePix S602 Zoom at $799.

Nikon has still not set a price for the Nikon D100 SLR
D100 SLR but we heard, "1/2 the price of the D1X" several times today.

Canon set the price of the EOS D60 SLR at $2999 (it's now $2199), see following news article.


Canon U.S.A. Introduces a New Line of Cameras and Printers and Sets Pricing

ORLANDO, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 25, 2002-- Professional-to-Consumer Level Solutions Further Company's Unique Position in Digital Photographic Imaging and Printing Canon U.S.A., Inc., a subsidiary of Canon Inc. (NYSE:CAJ), and leader in digital imaging solutions, has introduced a new line of cameras and printers designed to further the Company's unique position in delivering "start-to-finish" photographic and printing solutions for professional and consumer users.

With four new digital cameras, including the advanced Canon EOS D60, four new Bubble Jet photo printers, a new direct dye-sub photo printer, and a new flatbed CanoScan scanner, Canon is at PMA 2002 (Booth #2701) this week with a complete line of products that highlight its industry leading capabilities in digital photography and direct photo printing.

"Canon is very pleased to introduce a new lineup of digital imaging products that let our customers achieve the best results possible through the entire capture to print experience," said Kinya Uchida, President and CEO of Canon U.S.A., Inc. "As an acknowledged industry leader in both photographic and printing technologies, Canon will continue to leverage these strengths as a single source provider in addressing the needs of a growing photo printing marketplace."

New Digital Cameras

The new EOS D60 is Canon's latest advanced digital camera for the professional market, including studio/catalog pros and advanced amateurs. In building on the features of the EOS D30, the EOS D60 features a 6.3 million pixel CMOS chip and improved auto focus with lower light threshold (EV 0.5 at IS0 100). An illuminated LCD data panel allows access to a new option that performs simultaneous RAW and JPEG image recording. The EOS D60 is compatible with Windows XP and Mac operating systems, and accepts all EOS System lenses and accessories.

Professional photographers and Canon Explorers of Light Barbara Bordnick, Monte Zucker, and Robert Farber will be discussing their use of the new EOS D60, and ground breaking digital photography techniques at the Canon booth throughout PMA 2002.

The new Canon PowerShot A100, A30, and A40 digital cameras refresh the Company's entry to mid-level range of products. The PowerShot A100 is a new entry-level model with 1.2 Megapixel resolution and a high-quality single focal length lens with 3.2X digital zoom. New Photo Effect and Movie modes bring greater versatility to the entry-level user, while a Macro mode allows focusing of an object that is just two inches in front of the lens.

The new PowerShot A30 and A40 deliver 1.2 and 2.0 Megapixel resolution, and feature 3X optical and 2.0X or 2.5X digital zoom capability, respectively. Both feature new shooting modes, including Movie (with sound on the PowerShot A40), Photo Effect, and Manual modes. A wide range of accessories are available, including Tele and Wide lens converters, a Close Up Lens, and a waterproof case. The PowerShot A30 and A40 also support direct printing using Canon card photo printers, and support Windows XP and Macintosh operating systems via a plug-and-play USB interface.

New Bubble Jet and Dye-Sub Photo Printers

Canon Bubble Jet photo printers have enjoyed a reputation for ease-of-use, economical cost of operation, and amazing speed, all performed with exceptional color image quality. At PMA 2002, Canon introduces four new models, the S520, S750, S900, and S9000. A new dye-sublimation printer, the Canon Card Photo Printer CP-100, is also being introduced.

All of the new Bubble Jet models feature photo quality 2400 x 1200 dpi Microfine Droplet Technology and Canon's pioneering individual ThinkTank System, which offer consumers the ability to replace color ink tanks on a cost effective, as needed basis. The new models also feature USB interfaces, Windows XP and Mac compatibility, and borderless prints from 4"x 6" to Letter size that are lightfast for up to 25 years.

The new S900 and S9000 models feature all new print heads with 3,072 nozzles and 4 picoliter precision, and speeds that can complete a 4"x 6" photo in approximately 30 seconds and a 8" x 10" print in approximately one minute.

The new Canon Card Photo Printer CP-100 offers high quality 300 dpi dye-sublimation print technology with a durable, clear protective overcoat for 4 x 6, credit card size, card size label, and 8 mini label size print outs. With direct printing capability from select Canon PowerShot digital cameras, CP-100 settings can be adjusted from the camera LCD monitor. Optional accessories include a dedicated battery, computer connection kit and car battery adapter.

New CanoScan Flatbed Scanner

The new CanoScan D1250U2F features the best of both worlds from previous Canon CanoScan scanner products, including the sleek, thin Z-lid styling from the "N" series, and versatile functionality of the "D" series. With an optional Adaptec accessory, the CanoScan D1250U2F becomes one of the first scanners on the market with USB 2.0 capability, bringing fast plug-and-play scanning to the consumer market.

New Wide Format Proofing

Canon's production level wide format printer, the BJ-W9000, will be demonstrated for the first time at PMA 2002 as a proofing solution with the use of Best GmbH Screenproof software. The combination is ideal for commercial print houses, reproduction companies, publishers, age imaging services, copy shops, and scanning service providers. Screenproof software uses new technology based on the ICC standard. This allows the user to perform accurate color raster proofing on the original raster with the existing RIP system. End user benefits of the system include color accuracy, high-resolution quality, speed, and low cost of operation without the need for lamination of output.

Pricing and Availability

The following products will be available through authorized Canon U.S.A. dealers and retailers at the following estimated street prices ($US) and availability dates:

Product Estimated Street Price(a) Availability

EOS D60 $ 2,999.00 April 2002
PowerShot A100 $ 179.00 April 2002
PowerShot A30 $ 249.00 June 2002
PowerShot A40 $ 299.00 March 2002
S520 Bubble Jet Printer $ 149.00 February 2002
S750 Bubble Jet Printer $ 199.00 February 2002
S900 Bubble Jet Printer $ 399.00 February 2002
S9000 Bubble Jet Printer $ 499.00 February 2002
Card Photo Printer CP-100 $ 249.00 May 2002
CanoScan D1250U2F $ 199.00 February 2002

(a) Price is estimate only and subject to change. Actual price determined by dealers and may vary.


Samsung Sampling 2Gb NAND Flash Memory Devices to Lexar Media

Samsung sampling industry's first 2Gb NAND Flash memory device to Lexar Media for use in their 1GB CompactFlash digital film card.

San Jose and Fremont, CA, February 25, 2002 -- Samsung Semiconductor, Inc., the world's leading memory supplier and Lexar Media, Inc. (Nasdaq: LEXR), the world leader in high-performance, USB-enabled CompactFlash digital film, today announce that Samsung has begun sampling the industry's first 2Gb NAND Flash memory devices to Lexar Media, Inc. Samsung's 2Gb NAND Flash memory devices will soon be deployed in Lexar Media's high capacity Professional Series CompactFlash cards including the 16X-speed 1GB CompactFlash, the industry's highest capacity CompactFlash card available to date.

Samsung has been a key supplier of Flash memory to Lexar Media for several years and the companies have a close working relationship. Both companies are driven by the mutual desire to develop Flash memory technology in as wide a range of configurations and densities as needed to meet the needs of the professional photography market.

"The digital photography marketplace has an insatiable demand for portable storage capacity," said Tom Quinn, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.'s Vice President of Marketing. "Together, Samsung and Lexar Media will ensure that customers have the high-capacity NAND Flash memory components they need for future generations of digital imaging devices."

Samsung's new 2Gb NAND Flash memory device's enhanced data write speed enables digital photographs to be taken in faster sequence, making it ideal for Lexar Media's 1GB CompactFlash card application. The data write speed of Samsung's new 2Gb NAND Flash memory device is 70 percent faster than that of previous NAND Flash memory devices. The combination of advanced features including an expanded page program of 2 kilobytes, a block erase function of 128 kilobytes, a write-cache function, and a low, voltage (3.3V) operation, results in the fast data write speed of Samsung's 2Gb NAND Flash memory device.

"Now the digital marketplace has the high-capacity, high-speed, NAND Flash essential for next-generation portable digital imaging devices," said Eric Stang, President and CEO, Lexar Media, Inc. "The close Lexar Media and Samsung relationship allows us to collaborate to more finely integrate the capabilities of the controller and Flash memory. The new technology in the 2Gb chip will allow Lexar Media to deliver consumer products that are optimized for today's uses."

Samsung's new 2Gb NAND Flash memory device is the industry's first to utilize 0.12-micron process technology, a step ahead in shrink technology from the company's previous 0.15-micron process NAND Flash devices. No other company in the world uses such advanced shrink technology for NAND devices. Because of its smaller cell size, production cost per bit is drastically reduced. The combination of 0.12-micron process technology and the utilization of existing production lines greatly reduces manufacturing cost, enabling Samsung to produce the world's highest capacity, 2Gb NAND Flash memory device while remaining the industry's competitive price leader.

The world market for Flash memory was approximately US $1.2 billion for 2001. Samsung currently holds a 35 percent market share. According to Semico Research Corporation, the Flash memory market is expected to reach US $4.4 billion by 2003. Flash memory is the fastest growing segment of the semiconductor industry. Samsung plans to further develop its entire Flash memory product line, being first-to-market with new devices in an extensive range of configurations and densities.


HP Enters $14 Billion Consumer Photofinishing Market

HP Continues to Drive Digital Imaging Mainstream with Market Entry, New Products and Relationships

ORLANDO, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 25, 2002--Photo Marketing Association Tradeshow. Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE:HWP) today announced its entry into the $14 billion consumer photofinishing market with the intention to be a complete digital imaging solutions provider to both central and on-site retail photo labs.

The move enables HP to harness business opportunities emerging from the fast-growing digital capture market, as well as traditional analog photography, by providing consumers the power to choose how they want to print and share their photos -- whether they capture their images digitally or with film.

HP also has enhanced its consumer digital imaging offering with the introduction of HP Memories Disc Creator software, a product that enables consumers to personalize, enrich and save their digital photos, and with an online print fulfillment relationship with Shutterfly, a leading online photo service.

"It is clear that digital imaging and printing are undergoing major transformation, and HP is a key driving force behind this. In fact, it is expected that in the next couple of years some 111 billion digital images will be printed annually," said Vyomesh Joshi, president, HP Imaging and Printing Systems. "With our entry into photofinishing, we are extending our competitive leadership across the digital imaging and printing markets."

HP is extending its printing systems portfolio beyond inkjet and dry laser technology to include high-speed color printing through its relationship with Indigo N.V. HP and Indigo, a leader in high-performance digital color printing systems, plan to serve the high-capacity needs of central photofinishing labs with advanced, high-speed digital color printing systems that provide an all-digital workflow. All-digital workflow offers compelling business advantages, including the elimination of manually intensive batch-production processes and top line growth from servicing the growing digital capture market.

The in-store retail market is served by the introduction of the Phogenix Imaging DFX digital photofinishing system, which is being unveiled at PMA. This is the first product resulting from a two-year collaboration between HP and Kodak, leveraging HP's inkjet printing technology and imaging expertise. The collaboration is focused on creating an entirely new category of digital photofinishing equipment, offering retailers an easy-to-use, affordable digital system for their customers' digital photofinishing needs.

DFX is a full-featured minilab that uses HP's thermal inkjet technology to produce high-quality, long-lasting photos. In addition to standard 4 x 6-inch prints, DFX efficiently produces mixed and digital orders for one-hour fulfillment of high-value products such as custom print packages, specialty-sized posters of up to 12 x 18-inches, calendars, greeting cards and CD-ROMs. Custom orders are produced efficiently through the use of a unique in-line finishing system that allows multiple formats to be produced from a single roll.

HP Memories Disc Creator Software

Furthering its strategy to push digital imaging mainstream, HP introduces HP Memories Disc Creator digital imaging software. With the software, consumers can create personalized photo slide shows, add music and a title page, and then play the shows on their PC or television via a DVD player. Before HP Memories Disc Creator, integrating all these features was complex and cumbersome.

HP Memories Disc Creator is expected to be available in March at an estimated U.S. street price of $29.95.(1)

Shutterfly Online Photo Services

HP also has established a relationship with Shutterfly, one of America's most popular online photo services, to further enhance the services available to digital imaging consumers. Shutterfly's high-quality, on-line print fulfillment service and proven digital imaging experience complement, HP's online photo-sharing Web site, by providing photofinishing services.

Shutterfly will support the breakthrough HP Instant Share technology available in its recently announced HP Photosmart 812 digital camera. HP Instant Share allows users to take a picture and immediately decide how to share the image, including via e-mail and with prints -- no other camera on the market offers this feature. Recipients of a photo sent via e-mail through HP Instant Share will now have the option to obtain prints in the mail through Shutterfly's photofinishing services.

"Companies that are capable of looking into the future to anticipate the digital imaging needs of consumers will be the ones that best capitalize on the available business opportunity," said Joshi. "Today, HP has done this with a one-two punch -- on the retail side, with our entry into photofinishing, and on the consumer side, with the extension of our digital imaging offering."


SiPix Launches Feature-Rich 2.1 Mega Pixel Camera at $179

Consumer-friendly Digital Camera Features Include LCD, 16MB SmartMedia, Point-and-shoot, Zoom

PMA 2002, ORLANDO, FL, Feb. 24, 2002 - SiPix Inc., the digital imaging appliance company, today announced the SC-2300 Deluxe digital camera, with unmatched performance and features for $179.99. The stylish new digital camera shoots 2.1 Mega Pixels for up to 8x10 inch photo quality prints and holds up to 34 full-resolution photos ? more than a regular roll of 35mm film ? at an affordable price.

Consumers are demanding easy to use cameras, photo-quality images and removable photo storage. These features are usually found in higher-end models that are either too expensive or complicated for everyday or on-the-go use. The SC-2300 Deluxe satisfies these criteria and more. The included removable, reusable 16MB SmartMedia card can be quickly replaced with additional cards on occasions when more ?digital film? is needed. Any pictures already taken are safely stored away on the card until they can be transferred to a PC.

"The SC-2300 Deluxe is unmatched in price and performance. This camera is designed for consumers who have been hesitant to make the leap to digital imaging and for experienced digital photographers who are looking to upgrade to a higher resolution digital camera," said Michael Weizer, director of product marketing for SiPix, Inc. "SiPix has made a name for itself by building digital imaging products that are both consumer-friendly and innovative, allowing everyday photographers to enjoy the convenience of digital photography without high-prices or complexities."

At 2.1 Mega Pixels, pictures taken with the SC-2300 Deluxe are photo-realistic in prints up to 8x10 inches. With 16 Megabytes of storage on the included memory card, users have plenty of space for their photographs. The smart, sleek design also features a large 1.8" color LCD for picture preview and playback, a continuous-shot mode for capturing up to four images in rapid succession, a macro mode for clear, crisp close-up shots, and a 2x digital zoom for bringing distant images in close.

Pricing, Support and Warranty

The SC-2300 Deluxe, at a suggested retail price of $179.99, includes SiPix Picture Manager, top-quality software that allows users to download pictures from the camera to any PC running Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, or XP, right out of the box and ArcSoft Photo Impression, easy-to-use photo editing and creative design program to edit and retouch photos or add special effects for cards, calendars and frames. The SiPix TWAIN driver, compatible with all TWAIN-compliant imaging programs, is also included for the image-enhancement hobbyist or artist who prefers other software.

The camera is backed by a one-year warranty and toll free technical support offered for one year from purchase. The toll free technical support number is 1-866-888-1678, and is available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST and on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST. Lifetime technical support is available at no additional charge after the one year at 408-719-5076 with the same hours as above.


SiPix Makes Fashion Statement with Wearable Line of Tiny, Go Anywhere Digital Cameras

StyleCam Blink, the newest, ultracool, under-$40, point-and-shoot digital camera; holds up to 300 pictures, captures desktop video and doubles as a cool necklace or pocket cam

PMA 2002, ORLANDO, FL, Feb. 24, 2002 - SiPix Inc., the digital imaging appliance company, has introduced the StyleCam Blink, an ultracool, go-anywhere digital camera, at a suggested retail price of only $39.99. Aimed at the youth and consumer markets, the StyleCam Blink is tiny but packs a whopping 8 Megabytes of internal memory, perfect for storing up to 300 pictures. The amazingly easy-to-use StyleCam Blink can rapidly take up to 100 pictures, fast enough to use them as streaming AVI video clips.

SiPix Blink The StyleCam Blink comes with a cool neck strap and a swivel clip so on-the-go kids and gadget lovers can conveniently attach the tiny camera to a belt loop or backpack, or wear it around their neck. Once the memory is full, the pictures can easily be sent directly into a PC using the USB (Universal Serial Bus) connection. The StyleCam Blink is then ready to take another 300 pictures, since the internal 8MB of memory is reusable.

The StyleCam Blink is the perfect solution for young people and technology enthusiasts who love to take pictures without having to carry around a traditional camera, said Michael Weizer, director of product marketing for SiPix, Inc. And at $39.99, we hope to bring the benefits of digital imaging to the masses with one of the smallest, coolest cameras on the market.

When the StyleCam Blink is hooked up to a PC, more fun begins. You can enhance StyleCam Blink photos using ArcSoft?s PhotoMontage and PhotoFantasy image manipulation programs. Put the StyleCam Blink into Streaming Snapshot mode, save the pictures as an AVI video clip and send it to friends or family using standard email. Tether the StyleCam Blink to a PC with the included USB cable to turn it into a Web cam - the perfect tool when it's time for video chat fun over the Internet.

Available in March, the StyleCam Blink is perfect for active teens and youngsters who love to take pictures or who want to get started in digital imaging - and the suggested retail price of $39.99 won't break the bank, either.

Feature Set

Smaller than its older brother, the SiPix StyleCam, the StyleCam Blink is an ultra-small, lightweight digital camera, with 8MB of onboard memory that stores up to 300 images. It is compatible with PCs running Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000 and XP. Download images by USB using the StyleCam TWAIN driver for viewing. When shooting pictures in Streaming Snapshot mode, up to 100 rapid burst images can be captured and then saved as AVI video clips with the included software. When connected to the PC by USB, the StyleCam Blink is transformed into a video conferencing tool for face-to-face conversations over the Internet. Another feature, the cool accessory stand, is specially designed for positioning the StyleCam Blink on a desktop or notebook. The super-cool neck strap and swivel clip make it easy to keep the camera close by. And the value-packed software bundle allows the imagination to run wild when working with StyleCam Blink's pictures on the PC.

The sleek, tiny camera and powerful bundle of exceptionally versatile and easy-to-use premium photo and video software from ArcSoft can give imaginative youths an experience that previously cost thousands of dollars in digital darkroom equipment and software. PhotoImpression is ideal for editing, retouching and adding special effects to photos, then easily printing the results. PhotoMontage turns multiple images into a single image, a digital collage of favorite images. PhotoFantasy moves image parts around, creating fun and interesting new pictures. VideoImpression creates and edits video while Inetcam iVista gives users the power of the Internet to share live, streaming video.

The unique, easy-to-use AVI Maker program from SiPix turns snapshots taken in Streaming Snapshot mode into exciting home videos that can be shared with friends on the home PC or shared over the Internet. The SiPix StyleCam TWAIN driver downloads images quickly to the PC using the supplied USB cable

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