elk in ravenna , michigan -private breeding farm

November 29th, 2012 Winner
elk  in ravenna , michigan  -private breeding farm

Photographer's Note

i am practising with this camera , not sure if i'll return it yet . i take fast action shots but they blur a lot , i use long zoom and need a quicker recovery . this camera takes nice stills of "not" moving subjects but i take pics of race cars at 100 mph and it isn't too good for that so far . for this shot i had it set at - setting :scene(scn) : handheld twilight @ 30x zoom i need some advice on what camera to use for race car action that has quick recovery and will get super clear images of fast moving objects ? i dont need video or gps or any other gadgets . thanks ted evans , ravenna , mi. ted evans

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Photo Information

  • Camera : sony cybershot dsc hx200v
  • Location : United States
  • Photographer : ted evans

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