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Nikon Coolpix 950
Cable Releases & Brackets

Anyone who has used the Coolpix 950 knows that it is a great macro camera BUT -- you cannot select the Macro and Selftimer functions together because they're on the same button. The only way to get good macro shots without camera blur is by using the selftimer or a cable release, neither of these is an option with the Nikon cameras as they come from the factory.

CKC Power Nikon bracket

Besides the professionally machined $70 CKC Power Bracket above we also have other folks designing their own inexpensive cable releases for the Nikon 950.

Release Holder #1

The first one is so simple it's rediculous -- all you have to do is find the right sized cap to make it work. It's just a plastic cap that is snapped on over the 950's power switch. You then drill a hole in the center to screw the cable release into it. Idea by David Yang, see his page for Nikon 900 and Nikon 950 Microscopy.

It works well but there have been some reports of people messing up their power switches due to the stress that is put on it from the cap. I have used a cable release like this on my 950 with no ill effects but all the usual disclaimers apply - use it at your own risk.

Nikon 950 cap

This orange cap came from some kind of Dow Corning medical flask and is rather difficult to find. Other people have reported doing the same thing with caps from Head and Shoulders shampoo bottles and other things found around the house.

Nikon 950 cap Nikon 950 cap

Here's two pictures of Dave's Nikon microscopy cameras

Release Bracket #2

Nikon 950 cable release

This one is made from one of those expansion slot cover plates from a desktop PC. One end has a plug that goes into the Video Out port (be careful not to short it out!) to hold the whole thing in place. Note how the plate was bent to allow clearance for the AC power plug. And a piece of rubber was put on the end of the cable to act as a soft shutter release. More details and instructions can be found at Denny Cannon's web site along with all sorts of Nikon 950 tips and tricks.

Release Bracket #3

Nikon 950 cable release

For the more mechanically inclined we now present the following four pictures of a cable release bracket designed by Art Seelig.

Art obviously has more mechanical aptitude (and tools) than I do but it does look rather easy to build if you have the skill and tools required.

Nikon 950 cable release

According to Art:

"This cable release should not affect camera power switch or any other part of the camera, because it is fastened to camera by the tripod mounting screw. It can be made with common parts not costing more then $5 & 1.5 hours of time."

Bill of materials:

  • Steel Plate 1" x 3.5" x 1/4"
  • Cork Pad 1" x 3" x 1/16"
  • Threaded rod 1/4 - 24 x 5"
  • 2 Nuts 1/4 - 24
  • 1 Rod Coupling Nut 1/4 - 24
  • 1 Flat Head Screw 1/4 - 24 x .420"
  • 1 Set Screw 1/4 -24 x 1/4

Nikon 950 cable release

Closeup view of the set screw holding the cable release in place.

Nikon 950 cable release

And a final shot looking down from the top of the cable release bracket.

Release Bracket #4

Nikon 950 cable release

Here's another inexpensive homemade cable release, this one is by David Coles and he describes exactly how to do it on his web page.

Dave says it will cost you about $2 and take 1/2 hour to build.

If anybody has any other homemade bracket ideas and pics send them in and I'll post them on this page for others to enjoy and thanks.

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