Zip Focus Brings Compact Follow Focus to DLSRs and Compact Cameras

wooden camera follow focus.png
Wooden Camera started out in 2011 making 3.5mm to XLR converter boxes for smaller cameras without XLR inputs and haven't stopped making innovative items since.

Their newest item is the ZIP FOCUS, a single-sided follow focus that attaches to 15mm rods and has a 1:1 gear ratio. At $500 bucks it's not cheap, but if you're shooting a video project with your new Sony A7 III or Red Scarlett, it immediately becomes an invaluable part of your kit. 

wooden camera follow focus.jpg
For those of you not in the know, a follow focus is a device that clamps onto the side of a movie camera and allows an operator or camera assistant to keep the subject or subjects that are in frame in focus by slowly turning or racking a wheel that precisely and gently turns the focusing ring on the camera, essentially "pulling" the focus. 

wooden camera follow focus on camera.jpg
The electronic focus on modern cameras is great for snapping a subject into focus for stills, but autofocus still has a long way to go for video, and a lot of that has to do with art in general. The camera doesn't know that you want to quickly rack from the foreground to the background, or maybe you don't want to do it quickly, maybe it's action dependant, maybe it's dialogue dependant, whatever the case, a camera isn't smart enough to do it on its own. 

With so many people shooting on DSLRs or MIRRORLESS ILC's now, the Zip Focus is arriving just in time. This is what comes in the kit:

Included Items: 
  • 1x Hard Stop Disk 
  • 2x Marking Disks 
  • 1x Friction Gear 
  • 1x .8 Mod 35 Tooth

The Zip Focus can accommodate any lens and camera configuration and The has a pivoting bracket which always keeps the hand wheel in the upright position. You can also use 15mm and 19mm studio rods and clamps. The hard stop disk is great for when you have an endpoint in line and don't want to eyeball it and the marking disks are essential for any tracking shot.

If you've got $499 to spare and have a serious film shoot coming up with a DLSR to Ursa mini sized camera, the Zip Focus may be right for you. Shipping starts in April.