ZeroPC Photo Connect for Android Lets You Sync Photos Across Different Sites

Zero PC.pngIt can be difficult keeping your photos organized if you're just using one photo sharing service, but when you're spread out across the internet on Picasa, Facebook, Flickr and more, things can be downright impossible to figure out.

"We recognized the need to create a comprehensive photo management utility combined with ZeroPC's cross-platform cloud content management service that enables people to seamlessly organize their scattered photo content," says ZeroDesktop founder and CEO Young Song.

Using the app you can automatically sync all of your photos from your mobile phone, and a "sync on" Wi-Fi mode means it won't start eating up your data plan to do it. It offers a search option for easy browsing and the Virtual Album allows you to find and tag photos from any service.

The free app can be found on the Android Marketplace (aka Google Play) now.