Zeiss Reveals New Compact Prime Lenses for DSLR Cinematography


Shooting high definition video with DSLRs started off as a bit of a niche function.  Since its inception, the method has garnered a great deal of support to the point that even television shows have been shot on traditional DSLR cameras.

The latest lenses from Carl Zeiss are aimed directly at those shooting video.  In fact, thanks to the introduction interchangeable mounts, they can be used on a number of camera bodies, from traditional cinematic cameras to HDSLRs.

Since they're interchangeable, these are great lenses for independent filmmakers.  Rather than having to purchase lenses for each camera and hope they match up, you can simply swap the lens between a film camera and your DSLR.

There's no pricing information available yet, but a June 2010 release date has been announced.