Zacuto Releases Three New iPhone 4S Stabilization Systems


With every new iPhone comes a wide range of products built to suit it, from cases and protective films to stands and speaker docks.  Zacuto has a new line out too, all created to make the iPhone 4S a bit more wieldy as a video camera.

The Zgrip iPhone Jr. is the most basic model.  It gives you a hand grip to hold onto while shooting and all you need to do is snap your iPhone into the cradle to get it all going. It also offers a 1/4" thread on the bottom so you can easily mount it to a tripod.

Zacuto's Point 'N' Shoot and Pro models offer different features such as a quick release and the ability to adjust the angle of your phone as if it were on a standard tripod.

You can find all three at the Zacuto Store.