You Now Have So Many Options When Having Large Photos Printed.

Usam Dawood aluminum.png
(photo by Usam Dawood, printed on Aluminum)

Having your favorite photos printed poster-sized used to be exorbitantly expensive and also, not look so great. In an era where every manufacturer is trying to outdo one another with more megapixels, its value is no more apparent than when you try and blow up a photo. All that extra information can help turn an impressive thumbnail into breathtaking wall art. 

Your options used to be limited when it came to how you printed something. It was either on a canvas or photo paper and sent to you in a large tube like they were architecture plans. 

But now you have so many different choices. Did you know that you can have photos printed on metal, glass, paper or canvas? Did you know it's really not that expensive? With so many competing companies now providing a similar service, you can get a ready to hang image for less than one hundred dollars. 

Notice how I said ready to hang and not ready to mount? That's because when you print on surfaces like Aluminum, Glass, Forex or Canvas the picture becomes the focus. It's already elevated from the wall, providing depth and makes your artwork stick out. Plus without the glass of a frame, you can really see the image for what it is. How were many paintings from Leonard Divinci put behind glass? Ok, so, maybe they didn't have the right kind of glass back then and it's a trick question, but it still set a standard that modern artists follow even today. the image is the most important thing. 

Usam Dawood made this amazing comparison video for F-Stoppers showcasing the differences between the three surfaces and you can see for yourself how each one brings something different to the table. 

Now get out there and print something of your own. Don't worry about making the wrong choice and trying the wrong type of backing. Let your photos dictate how they should be printed and you'll be just fine.