You Can Now Explore 11 Disney Parks with Google Street View!

(view of Epcot's Space Ship earth from Google)

Have you ever wanted to know what it's like to walk around Disneyland? Or Disney's Animal Kingdom? Well, now you can explore 11 Disney parks and your leisure thanks to Google Maps.

That's right the same people who brought you a street view of your favorite cities have mapped 11 of the happiest places on earth including:

Now if it was just those places it would be amazing, but they completely mapped out almost every cool building, restaurant or shop that exists their American parks.

Want to explore the MARK TWAIN RIVERBOAT at Disneyland as it cruises around the lake? No problem. But what if you wanted to explore the park on the 2nd level or the 3rd of the boat... you can do that do.

You can even toggle between the levels to see what the experience is like from the same perspective on different floors like this:

mark twain first floor.png
(mark twain first floor)

mark twain second floor.png
(mark twain second floor)

mark twain third floor.png
(mark twain third floor)

What if you've been to Disneyland a hundred times and Pirates of the Caribbean is your favorite ride and every time you go on it you forget that there's a restaurant inside called the BLUE BAYOU, but by then it's all booked up and too late to make a reservation. You may not be able to eat here, but you can see what it looks like.

disneyland blue bayou.png
(blue bayou disneyland)

Granted it's way brighter on your computer than it is in real life, but that's so you can see the whole thing. This is the best kind of insanity and marketing genius. The only thing missing is an experience of what each ride is actually like, and although those videos do exist on youtube, not one of them is authorized by Disney. Disney gets it though, this is the information age and we're constantly bombarded with more and more.

Maybe twenty years ago this would've hindered people's desires to go, as people used to like a little bit of mystery in their lives, but now, I think it's only going to make people who've never been want to go even more. It's one thing to see it, it's another to experience it with your other senses. The full park list of places to visit can be viewed here.

So, why go to work today when you could be exploring Beauty and the Beast's BE OUR GUEST restaurant in Walt Disney World.

Source: GOOGLE