Stock Up on Hard Drives -- The new Hasselblad A6D-100c has a 100MP Sensor!

Hasselblad, a brand synonymous with medium format cameras for high-end fashion and portrait photographers, is returning to their roots -- aerial photography -- and recently released a one-minute video announcing a promising return to the skies. 

The new A6D-100c, which was first announced back in May shares similar specs to their $33,000 dollar H6D-100c medium format DSLR:

  • 211MB 3FR raw files
  • 289MB 8-bit TIFF files
  • 16-bit color definition
  • 5-stop dynamic range, a max ISO of 12800
  • CFast/SD card storage
  • computer tethering
  • 60 captures per minute.

Yes, that's a lot of similar features, so, what makes this camera good for aerial photography? Instead of 4k, the A6D can only shoot video at 1080p, but it has a new leaf shutter that can reach shutter speeds of 1/4000s. This makes it perfect for putting on a jitter DJI drone or in a Helicopter. When the shutter moves faster than the bumps in the sky, it should help capture crystal-clear images. 

Speaking, of crystal clear images. Here are a few official aerial photos captured with the A6D. These have been compressed, but if you happen to have 2 gigs free on your computer you can download the original five sample tif images on Hasselblad's website.

You can request a demo of this new camera through the Hasselblad website and fill up your entire hard drive with giant RAW files.