YOBIPics Launches a Photography Contest With $15,000 in Prizes


The YOBIPics photography contest is a bit of an odd one, but with $15,000 on the line, it's a little easier to forgive. 

The way YOBIPics does their contests is in a sort of tournament format.  Every week for 35 weeks there's a new round.  In each round, the top three vote getting photographs will advance.  Once that's all said and done, the semi-final rounds will begin.

Voting happens similarly during the semi-finals, though there will only be five rounds, each again consisting of only three winners and narrowing down the field to 15 finalists.

The prize breakdown hasn't been announced yet, but YOBIPics says that there's currently a minimum of $15,000 to be won.  That could increase of course, based on how many people visit the site and vote on photos.

You can swing on over to YOBIPics to enter and take a look at the official rules.