This Small Camera Will Protect Your House... For Only $20

Technology is getting smaller and smaller and cheaper and cheaper, and that includes home security cameras. Usually smaller and cheaper come with a catch and, lately, while it seems some cameras are almost free, you usually need to pay a monthly service to use it. Cloud space is the new Gillette razor blades. They hook you by making the shaver nearly free but know you'll have to buy blades from them for the rest of your adult shaving life.

Wyze, a new Washington based start-up is trying to change that. You can buy their brand new 2" cube-shaped security camera for $20 if you purchase it directly from the company OR $25.99 with shipping included if you buy it from Amazon... and that's it. There are no extra costs. 

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It connects to Wi-Fi and doesn't have any batteries which are both good and bad. It's good as you won't have to be constantly worrying about changing batteries. It's bad because it won't work if the power goes out. Then again, if you're not using the micro SD card slot and are just using the cloud storage it kind of doesn't matter as your Wi-Fi would be down anyway. 

Wait, did I say cloud storage? So, what about those extra fees... still none. The company will store a rolling 14 days worth of 1080p footage from the camera for free. The rolling storage means every 14 days they will delete the footage that was taken and start recording for another 14 days. This will for sure help with costs, but like Moviepass, I have no idea how this company will make any money, but for now, why not take advantage. 

This tiny little camera has an F2.0, 2.8mm 110 degree field of view lens feeding a 1/2.7" CMOS sensor that captures images in full 1080p. You can live stream with 8x digital zoom and even see in the dark with an IR-CUT filter, and four 850nm infrared LEDs. The company boasts images up to 30ft away in complete darkness. 

WYze night vision camera.jpgAs if it weren't enough the camera also has a microphone and speaker in it, enabling you to not only use it as an intercom and tell strangers to take a hike, but the camera uses the microphone to detect alarm sounds and will alert you if your smoke or CO2 detector goes off.

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Again, this is $20. If you opt to use the cloud-based storage instead of the SD card and are worried about cloud storage over wifi, here's a quote from the manufacturer on their site: 

"Each camera has its own secret key and certificate so that we can validate its identity" 
so "even if a hacker intercepts the data package, the data cannot be decrypted."

That's up to you if you believe that or not. Something that might be a drawback for some is the fact that you can't watch footage on a laptop through wifi. You have to use the app that controls the camera to look at the footage on your phone or tablet. Though, at $20 with no rolling fees, is that really a deal breaker? 

WYZE security camera specs:

  • Full 1080p video
  • 1/2.7" CMOS sensor
  • F2.0, 2.8mm lens
  • Microphone and Speaker
  • Night Vision
  • Free 14 Days Rolling Storage
  • Micro SD up to 32g
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Magnetic Mount

Source: WYZE

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