Worldwide Toy Digital Camera Market to Top 17 Million Shipments by 2003

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., Oct. 13 -- There's a whole new generation of cyber- savvy kids eager to embrace a new line of digital cameras made just for them. There are also a number of manufacturers feverishly jockeying for a piece of mom's and dad's hard-earned toy-buying budget. According to new research from International Data Corporation (IDC), the toy digital camera market will experience worldwide shipments of 17.5 million units by 2003, with entry-level digital cameras shipping an additional 5.7 million in the same time frame.

Forget G.I. Joe with the Kung-Fu grip -- these new toy and low-end digital cameras are really taking hold. The toy digital camera market came into existence last year with the introduction of Mattel's Barbie Camera, which received tremendous interest from the toy-buying public. This product shipped more than 400,000 units in just six months in 1998. The entry segment is not far behind, as 10 new products will have been introduced by the end of 1999.

The majority of current and planned toy cameras use the CMOS sensor and offer resolutions of below 640x480. These cameras are bare bones and don't include LCD displays, removable memory, zoom, or any other traditional digital or film camera features. The entry-level segment offers a bit more variety, with higher resolutions and some removable storage options.