World's Tallest Building in World's Largest Photo: 45 Gigapixels

If you're looking for a tall building, you could check out the Willis Tower in Chicago, the Shanghai World Financial Center, or even the Taipei 101, but you still wouldn't even be close to the Burj Khalifa.  It stands at 2,717 feet - over twice the height of the Empire State Building.

World's Largest.png

And what better way to capture that massive structure than in the world's largest image?  Just like the Burj Khalifa dwarfs other buildings, the panoramic shot from Gerald Donovan dwarfs every other picture that comes near it.  At 45 gigapixels, it's almost twice the size of the amazing panorama of Paris that showed up just a few months ago.

The image in itself is impressive, but admittedly, it's not the nicest day for it.  Dubai is cloudy and not at its best in April.  As Donovan puts it, "This was only ever intended to be a technical test - I'm making no claims with regards photographic quality or artistic merit."

You can check out the picture here, as well as get some insight as to how it was taken and even watch a 'making of' video.