World War II Photographic Icon Dies at 94

Russian Soldier.jpg
You may not know the name Abdulhakim Ismailov, but you've probably seen him.  He's the soldier waving the Russian flag in one of World War 2's most memorable images.  

The photograph, taken by Yevgeny Khaldei, could best be compared to the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima.  It depicts a trio of soldiers on the rooftop of the Reichstag in Berlin after the Russians had rolled through.  The soldier closest to the camera stands atop a pillar while waving the Soviet flag.  The photo has long been a source of national pride.

The photo itself was published on May 13th, 1945, and it was actually the second time the Soviet flag was raised on the Reichstag.  The first raising was in the dark on April 30th, and a photograph was not taken.  The flag was removed the next day by Nazi hideouts, who were defeated days later.  Finally on May 2nd, 1945, the flag was raised again, and the famous photo was captured.

Ismailov was the subject of this picture, and was recognized as a Hero of Russia, an incredibly high honor. He died Tuesday in his hometown of Chagar-Otar.