Wolffepack Launches Kickstarter Campaign for an Interesting New Swing Design Camera Backpack; The Wolffepack Capture

Wofflepack has recently started a campaign over on Kickstater for a unique new camera pack, which allows you to swing the pack around in front of you; without having to slip out of the shoulder straps.

Anyone who's used a backpack style camera bag for an extended period of time knows that slipping the pack on and off all day can become annoying, and cumbersome. At the same time, using a messenger style pack can get very uncomfortable over time. The folks at Wolffepack Capture have come up with a clever new pack that hopes to eliminate those issues, called their Wolffepack Capture.

They note that the Wolffepack Capture "is the ultimate backpack for cameras and all-round access", allowing you to swing "your gear round to the front without unstrapping." This pack has already won multiple design awards, and we can see why.

How does it work?

By using their patented expetoSYSTEM, you can quickly and easily drop the pack from your back and bring it around in front of you, in one fluid motion. This offers you convenience with a messenger bag like function, but with the versatility and comfort of a backpack.

They have also included hooks on the front of the shoulder straps, which allow you to hook the pack securely in front of you, offering hands free access; what they are calling, a hands-free "camera workstation".

The kickstarter campaign, which has just over 30 days left, is already fully funded, and they are hoping to start shipping this coming November. See their official Kickstarter campaign page here for more details and to secure yours today.