Wireless Remote Control for Digita OS Digital Cameras

San Jose, CA (November 17, 2000) - FlashPoint Technology, Inc., the creator of the Digita Photivity end to end digital imaging platform, and OPSiS, a developer of software and peripherals for the digital camera market, today announced the release of the OPSiS iRemote+ system that allows cameras running the Digita operating system (OS) to be controlled by a wireless remote control.

The iRemote+ is a control module that attaches to the serial port of Digita OS cameras. It allows users to control, with a provided key fob infrared remote or a standard RC5 TV remote control, the camera's shutter release, exposure, zoom and other camera settings from a distance of up to 30 meters (approximately 100 feet).

OPSiS has also created an in-camera slide show application. IrShow runs in a Digita OS camera and allows users to control the presentation of images on a TV, either using the on-camera controls or the iRemote+ remote control. The IrShow application allows the camera to be used as a presentation tool.

iRemote+ features a versatile, simple communication protocol, allowing for up to 255 different commands, using FlashPoint's DigitaScript programming language. OPSiS plans to make a developers' kit available that will provide programming information, sample scripts, and a control library that developers using FlashPoint's Digita Application Software Development Kit (SDK) or DigitaScripts can use to incorporate iRemote+ into their applications.

The iRemote+ system is available from PhotoSolve, a master distributor of OPSiS products, and on the OPSiS Web site. The system is compatible with the Minolta D'Image, Hewlett-Packard C500, and the Kodak DC260, DC265 and DC290 digital cameras. Recommended pricing is .00 US.