Wiral, Brings Cable Cams to the Masses for $200!

(Wiral camera set up and in action)

This is a product indie filmmakers should be excited about. Cable cams have traditionally only been used on big-budget movies or huge sports events.

Why would I want this when I could use a Movi or a drone, you might think. You can do tracking shots between buildings, through trees in the woods and it's utterly silent! You can mount any camera up to 3.3 pounds on it. So, it's limited there, but I doubt with the success of it that it won't be long until they release one with a sturdier rope and bigger motor that can handle something up to 5 pounds. 


The public must also want this pretty badly as their Kickstarter was fully funded in 4 minutes. So, yes, there's that caveat, that it's a Kickstarter, but this is small, it's already working and as they've raised over a thousand percent of their 30k goal, you have a better chance of getting one that most crowd-funded items. Here's a full video of shots taken with it. 



The perfect addition to your kit bag  Wiral is a camera accessory where you can remotely control a camera along a rope to get dynamic footage. The existing cable cam systems are outdated and for professionals only, demanding hours to set-up and multiple people to operate. Wiral fits easily in your backpack and can be operated by a five year old. Marketing director Emilie Aabakken say their goal was to create a tool which gave anyone the freedom to capture cinematic shots, anywhere.
London based filmmaker Oli da Costa have tested Wiral and says, "I ́ve been using the prototype to get creative shots that you just can ́t get using any other devices. Having this stable, portable and versatile cable cam is a must for my kit bag". Tested to perfection People from all over the world have been testing Wiral and filming everything from demonstration marches to concerts and skiing. "The feedback we got from our test users has been essential in making Wiral as versatile as it is today",  says Marketing Director Emilie Aabakken. Wiral goes fast enough to to follow a downhill biker effortlessly through the forest, but also slow enough to capture stunning motion timelapses. "It was exactly what we needed in our sport, it is an insane product", according to Benjamin Friant, professional scooterer.
After Redbull Magazine and Nitro Circus got news about the product they have tested the Wiral for some of their events. A national broadcaster in Norway, TV2, even used the footage for the coverage of a bike competition. Wiral Technologies AS was founded in 2016 by four outdoor and filming enthusiasts who saw the need for adding a new perspective while capturing their own adventures. With offices in Palo Alto and Trondheim, Norway Wiral Technologies produces tools that will make even amateur footage look professional with help of the Red Dot Design Award winning designer Eivind Sæter. Chief Marketing Officer Emilie Aabakken says "their goal was to create a tool to give anyone the freedom to capture cinematic shots - anywhere". Many may say they have succeeded. Anyone with a small size camera can create cinematic looking videos. All you need is Wiral.