Wing Young Huie Chronicles a Changing America

Changing America.jpg
St. Paul, Minnesota is a city that's undergone a pretty significant cultural change.  Twenty years ago it was home to people predominantly of Irish, German and Scandinavian descent.  Now it's home to Somalis, Mexicans, and one of the largest contingents of Hmong people in the U.S.

Wing Young Huie has spent three years capturing the colliding and evolving cultures, and the result "The University Avenue Project" will open on May 1st. 

His photographs, along with statements by the subjects, will be displayed in store windows and on buildings along the six mile stretch of University Avenue in St. Paul that runs between the Minneapolis border and the state capitol.

At the center of the project is an installation where images will be projected nightly onto billboard sized screens.  The photos will be accompanied by music from local musicians as well as monthly live performances.

The installation will run from May 1st to October 31st.