Who Needs a dSLR? Amazing Android Photos to Inspire Photographers

4_flowers.jpgOkay, okay, don't get too mad. We still adore our dSLR cameras and it'll be years (or most likely never) before a smartphone can compete with current-model professional cameras thanks to vast differences in image sensor sizes as well as available quality glass (read: lenses)...

But there are times when you don't want to lug around the entire kit, times when you weren't even planning to snap a few photos. However, as shutterbugs, many of us feel an innate desire to tell visual stories and capture beautiful imagery. There are times when an image presents itself and all you have is a phone in your pocket.

To inspire loyal Android smartphone owners, Mashable assembled a list of 25 Amazing Android Photos from Around The World. And while they certainly don't have the fidelity and dynamic range of images captured on a dSLR, or even Micro Four Thirds camera, these photos boldly proclaim: art and photography are much more about the person than the tool. Enjoy.

Impressive, no? To see the other 19 Amazing Android Photos, head on over to Mashable.