What's Going on With Adobe Lightroom?

adobe lightroom.png

As you may know, Adobe Lightroom has now morphed into Lightroom CC. And while you can still use the old Lightroom, now dubbed Lightroom Classic, there are a lot of big changes. The software itself has lost a lot of power and functionality in exchange for portability. 

Lightroom had become kind of a Photoshop light, and maybe that's the problem. You could always do everything in photoshop that you could do in Lightroom, but not vice versa. So, Adobe is changing that. They're making Lightroom more of a 'light' photo editing app. That's not necessarily bad,  perhaps they saw that the majority of Lightroom users simply use the product to import their photos and adjust the levels. Whatever the reason, by stripping it of some of its power, they're now able to give you access to your work from anywhere. 

Part of me thinks that this is just a way to make you feel like your monthly subscription to the software is a worthwhile investment. They're giving you more by allowing you to access your work from any device. Yes, now you can edit your images from your phone, tablet or laptop from literally anywhere in the world. That kind of optimization comes at a cost. Look at the differences between the new Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic. 

                                                        Lightroom Classic     Lightroom CC
Apply preset on import                                X
Smart collections                                        X
Search                                                                         X
Organization                                                X                 X
Slideshow                                                X
Prints and photobooks                                X
Geotagging map                                        X
Learn tool                                                                 X
Presets                                                        X                 X
Exposure control                                        X                 X (Excludes Tone Curve)
Color control                                                X                 X (Excludes HSL and Split Tones)
Sharpness and noise reduction                X                 X
Local brushes                                                X                 X
Gradient and radial filters                        X                 X
HDR merge                                                X
Panorama stitching                                        X
Backup original files                                                 X
Mobile app                                                                 X
Export with watermark or custom size        X                 X

LC  $9.99/m w/ Photoshop        
LCC  $9.99/m w/ 1 TB storage or $19.99/month with storage and Photoshop

I find it interesting that prints/photobooks are removed considering it feels more and more like the software is tailor-made for the more casual photo editor. However in an interview with Dan Watson with Tom Hegarty: Adobe Lightroom Product Manager says: "We're really doubling down on the fact that photographers don't want to be tied down to any one device."

I think it's a great idea. Who doesn't want to have access to anything from anywhere? No longer do you need to be afraid when your laptop dies that you didn't back up your work because it was always backed up. Granted if you're like me, you'd back up locally and also have some concerns about cloud storage security access. Check out the full interview below to see Tom answering questions about the future of Adobe Lightroom.