What Would You do With a Wireless Endoscopic Camera?

The Depstech wireless borescope/endoscope is exactly that. A $30 wireless bendable camera that works with your smartphone that you can buy on Amazon right now. How is that even possible. Even if the product isn't 4K, it's $30 and it works with both Android and iOS. 

It connects to your phone through wifi (note: you don't need to be on wifi, the box on the back of the camera generates it's own wifi signal) similarly to DSLR camera apps or a wireless OBDII reader you can buy to check the engine codes on your car without having to go to a dealer.

deptech blue led.jpg
This new camera from Depstech doesn't rely on a software disk or only capture at 12fps. This camera is specifically made to use a phone, any phone. You just have to download the app and connect to the camera's wifi. It's Blue LED lights provider a brighter light with less glare to get a smoother image. 

Let's dig into the specs on the Depthtech:

  • Connects with both Android and iOS
  • Can connect up to 3-4 devices simultaneously to live view
  • 6 LEDs
  • 2 million pixel HD camera
  • 11.5 Foot Cable
  • Waterproof
  • AVI or Snapshot in JPG
  • 3 resolutions 320x240, 630x480, 1280x720
  • 30 frames per second

This is somehow less than $100 dollars. What does it cost to call a plumber out to inspect a pipe? More than $100 dollars. Now I know this device isn't going to imbue you with the skills of a plumber, but it helps you going in knowing what something is going to cost you or what the problem is and who knows, maybe you can deal with it. But it's much more than that. Say you have a critter problem, cricket in the wall, mouse in the attic. This might allow you to get a peek inside and see what kind of damage or nest you're dealing with... for $30 dollars. 

If you're a handy person and likes to fix things, I think you'll use this more than you realize. Ever try to find a leak on your car but can't quite get in there as there's a giant engine blocking your path. Enter this cheap camera. Snake it in, record it, take it out and study the problem. 

What if it's a big job? You can connect up to four live streaming devices to this. Having four people study the problem at once can save both time and money. It's a neat little camera that would more than likely pay for itself in one use. That is until some geniuses start giving themselves and their families a full endoscopy or colonoscopy with it and they have to pull it from the market because people are the worst. 


depstech borescope.jpg