Western Digital Launches Photo Viewer App for iPhone

Western Digital-iphone.jpg

The great thing about networked storage drives is that you can access them from anywhere on the network.  But what if you're not on your home network?  Western Digital's new Photo Viewer app lets iPhone users access their photos from anywhere in the world. 

No matter where you are, you can launch the WD Photos application and see up to 250,000 photos stored on your drive.  All you have to do is pop your pics into the Shared Pictures folder on your My Book World Edition network drive.

"Home networks are becoming prevalent in many parts of the world," said Dale Pistilli, VP of marketing for Western Digital.  "WD's My Book World Edition network drives are the easiest way to create one place for all your photos that is accessible to everyone from within the home, and securely from outside the home"

The application is free, as is registration to WD's secure access remote service.  You'll have to pay for the networked drive, of course.  You can pick up a 1TB My Book Word Edition directly from Western Digital for $199, or a 2TB version for $279.