WD Launches 2TB MyPassport and Thunderbolt Duo

WD.jpgWD has released two upgrades to their existing hard drive lineup, both of which give you impressive amounts of storage space, but each with a defined purpose.

The new MyPassport 2TB is the largest in the line and gives you a huge chunk of space on which to store your files. Even better, it's nice and compact like you'd expect from a MyPassport device, and USB 3.0 compatible for optimum transfer speeds.

The Thunderbolt Duo isn't designed to be an on-the-go drive like the MyPassport. Using a pair of hard drives and RAID storage systems, you can have an incredibly fast and safe data storage. You can even chain multiple My Book Thunderbolt Duos together using the Thunderbolt ports on the back.

The MyPassport 2TB is available now at $249. You can pick up the Thunderbolt Duo in a 4TB size for $599 or in a 6TB size for $699.

Visit the Western Digital website for more details.