Want to Get More Out Of Your Camera? Check out the Olympus Anywhere Classroom!

Whether you're a first timer with a smartphone, or a pro with an advanced DSLR, we're all looking to improve our photography and video capturing capabilities. With such improvements in mind, Olympus has created the Anywhere Classroom video series. Each three-episode season is hosted by a different Olympus Visionary or Olympus Trailblazer, and covers a wide variety of topics while explaining some of the features available on Olympus gear that you might not necessarily know about.

Today marks the launch of Anywhere Classroom Season Four

Olympus Trailblazer, Austin Lottimer, serves as both guide and teacher, taking viewers on a tour of San Francisco's colorful streets while showing off the new performance and creative features for the OM-D EM-5 Mark II. As you may recall, we've gotten our hands on the EM-5ii, both as a full review as well as during a press excursion to Bermuda, and it's a dynamite ILC. Light weight. Packed with features. And boasting the best image-stabilization system on the market.

While previous seasons primarily dealt with still photographs, Anywhere Classroom Season Four is all about videography. 

Episode 1 focuses on capturing movement. Austin shoots skateboarders in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge, and other locations, while offering tips about how to think about pictures in motion as well as how to use options like variable frame rates.

Episode 2 follows Austin as he shoots a music video, offering tips about how to plan and edit this type of short film.

Episode 3 highlights the OM-D E-M5ii's creative side. Austin captures both still and video imagery using the ILC's many Art Filters, each filter offering a different style and tone.

If you're looking to learn a few more camera tricks, particularly if you own Olympus gear, I highly recommend checking out all four seasons of Anywhere Classroom

The overall message and theme is (aside from, you know, look how awesome this camera is!) an inspirational one. Go out and play with your camera. Be bold. Explore. Try new things. But above all...