Want a free Samsung NX30? Grab your old DSLR and head to Times Square on June 4th.

While we haven't seen any official details on this from Samsung yet, PetaPixel reported today that Samsung is going to be giving away some of their new NX30 ILCs at Times Square in NYC on June 4th, 2014. Through their #DitchTheDSLR campaign, Samsung is offering people in the NYC area a chance to trade in their old DSLR camera (which can be any DSLR, according to PetaPixel) for a brand new NX30 camera. There's no info on how many NX30's are available for this event, just a disclaimer of, "while supplies last". To our lucky NYC readers, this could be a rare opportunity for your to snag a free $1000 ILC.

For more details on the camera, see our Samsung NX30 Preview. We actually have this camera in house right now, so stay tuned for our hands on review in the coming weeks.

(via PetaPixel)