Visit Paris Online - All 26 Gigapixels of It

An effort between Martin Loyer, Arnaud Frich and Kolor culminated in a fantastic panoramic shot of Paris that's like nothing you've ever seen before.  This massive photograph is stitched together from 2,346 smaller photos to create an absolutely stunning 26 Gigapixel image of The City of Lights.

The massive photograph has been put online in interactive form at  Starting with a very pulled back view, you can zoom in with your mouse to get a better look at famous landmarks and other points of interest.  

The photograph is amazingly detailed, so much so that I can just about make out what kind of pizza is being eaten by a trio of gentlemen dining at Le Golfe de Naples.  You can even zoom in far enough to see tourists at the Notre Dame Cathedral. 
It's a sight to behold certainly, as was the process that went into it.  When you've finished exploring Paris, take a look at the "Making of" blog entries for a look at the incredible steps that were taken behind the scenes to get it all just right.