Vision Research Announces a New High-Speed Camera

Vision Research.jpg

The v411 is the latest in Vision Research's high speed camera line.  It utilizes a 1280 x 800 CMOS sensor and 20-micron pixels that solve one of the bigger issues with high-speed imaging - shooting in low light situations.  And of course, you'll get a ridiculously high shooting speed of up to 4200fps at full resolution.

"The Phantom v-Series is suited for a number of applications, including scientific research, product development, ballistics, explosive testing and more," says marketing VP Rick Robinson. "The latest Phantom v-Series cameras improve the usability of the line while maintaining the same speed, sensitivity and high-performance for which they have always been recognized."

Phantom cameras are now upgradeable for the first time ever.  If you own a v311 or v411 and you feel it's time to upgrade, you can do so to the v611 and v711 respectively.