Video Proof - Cameras and Lasers Don't Mix


It's summer, and that means it's time for outdoor concerts, sporting events and festivals.  You'll want to take pictures at these events, of course, but it's important to exercise a bit of caution.  You don't want anyone bumping into you and wrecking your camera, you don't want your gear stolen, and you absolutely positively don't want to get your camera fried by lasers.

Two videos, both linked on Doobybrain, show the effects that laser lighting effects can have on DSLRs.  In both cases the users are sporting Canon EOS 5D Mark II cameras that cost a few thousand dollars.  In both cases they're shooting video, and in both cases their cameras take damage from sweeping lasers.

After the laser passes over the image sensor, you'll see a permanent line appear on both cameras, rendering them essentially useless.

When you're shooting this summer and lights and lasers are shining bright, make sure you keep the health of your poor camera in mind.