Using a Camera to Overcome Shyness


It's not easy being shy.  Meeting new people can be an unwelcome and intimidating experience, but there are ways to overcome it.  Photographer David Hurn, who photographed stills for "From Russia With Love" and "Barbarella" says that photography was the secret for him.

"I'm extremely shy but full of curiosity--the camera helps you get over shyness," says Hurn.  It makes sense, of course.  By taking up a hobby or a career where meeting and talking to people is the norm, it's going to be a lot harder to stay shy.

In addition, the camera can act as a bit of a comfort object. "You hide behind the camera," says Hurn, "and it gives you a reason to be somewhere."

Taking photos of complete strangers can easily come off as creepy, so don't go thinking you should just whip your camera out and start taking shots of people you want to meet. 

If you're somewhere with a purpose - to photograph a store opening for the local paper, for example - it's a great way to get out there and talk to folks you otherwise wouldn't.