Update: Canon EOS Rebel T4i Grip Advisory Now a Recall

Canon-T4i-Grip-Issue-upated.jpgOn July 10th (2012) we reported about a product advisory from Canon that indicated that a small number of EOS Rebel T4i cameras were found to contain increased levels of Zinc bis on the grip surfaces, which could cause some skin irritation issues.  Apparently some users would get rashes because of a this chemical used as a rubber accelerator in the hand grips.  The problem seems to be fairly limited in scope, but Canon has just escalated the advisory from simply offering repairs to select cameras to a recall of all affected units.

If you have a T4i with a serial number that looks like X3XXX1XXXXXX or X4XXX1XXXXXX, you're eligible for a replacement.  You can swing on over to Canon's product advisory website to see if your cameras is affected by using the handy serial number search tool they provide. 

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