Unified Color Launches HDR Express 2

HDR-Express2.jpg The folks at Unified Color have announced that the sequel to their popular HDR Express software is now available. HDR Express 2 gives you a new slideshow feature, single-click presets that allow you to keep settings you liked and general improvements to functionality and tone mapping algorithms

"HDR Express 2, builds upon the user friendly legacy of HDR Express, making the power of our 32-bit color HDR process even more accessible," says CEO Alfred Zee. "The improved features help users of any skill level leverage our core technology to quickly create true-color HDR images that, unlike many other HDR photo editing programs, accurately represent what they originally saw at the time of capture."

HDR Express 2 is available now at $84 - a special discount for this week only. After November 12th, the price raises to $99.